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  1. Here's a question for you guys, when night fishing Erie, what if any lighting do you use on your boat besides the standard nautical navigation lights?
  2. Slow today. Two right away in the morning then nada. Judging by the boats out at 7 and the few remaining closer too noon wondering if they went deeper. Spent a lot of time from 30-35'
  3. Thanks Fishy took your advice! One man limit in 4 hours including a 29"r
  4. Behind the break wall at the south gap, outside Safe Harbor? Trolling or jigging?
  5. Great advice thanks!
  6. Thank you, great info! But as far as the rod goes, I'm still confused as to why an 8'3" trolling rod would have a 'light' power classification. My 7' spinning rods which are medium have a lot of tip activity when trolling 40' + . Throw a crankbait on and it's even more active. I bought an Ugly Stick 8'3" Bigwater rod and like the flexibility of the rod but a little confused about it being light action. Most trolling rods I see are at least a medium.
  7. New member so I apologize if this is not the correct forum. I fish Lake Erie for walleye and perch and dont mind the fun bass! I have several Ugly Stick and Pflueger spinning rods. I mostly would cast and jig but last season I started trolling. I still love my spinning combos but to troll for walleye this year I was debating between a couple different combos. All are trolling rods with line counting reels but I have a couple questions... I was debating between the Okuma great lakes trolling combo, the Ugly Stick Walleye combo and the Ugly Stick Bigwater combo 8'3". What struck me as odd was the 'power' on the Bigwater rod was light, different than the others which are medium/light to heavy. What's up with that? Then the Ugly Stick Walleye rod is medium/light. My regular spinning rods are all medium and the bend they give are more that enough, especially trying to troll crankbaits lol. You guys have any thoughts on this?
  8. Got 45 in 60' between 8am and 2pm.
  9. Was out Monday. Tried perch then eyes then perch again. VERY slow. Hoping to try again tomorrow. Anyone else been out lately?
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