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  1. Good afternoon guys, I wanted to touch base on this thread regarding the tournament to clear any thoughts Cash/Prizes First and foremost, every single cash prize was paid, in full back at the tournament upon completion of the polygraph tests. There were never any teams unpaid Merchandise/Prizes All prizes were passed out to the winners. We did have a instance of a prize delay; however, I spoke with Bob Adams at Raymarine Corporate today. The miscommunication / misundertstanding with Raymarine and Digital River Order Distribution Service has been resolved, the merchandise prize has been squared away; we look forward to the winners soon to be enjoying there prize We did shut down the basic web site we originally started, as we hired an outside group to design, launch and manage a new one for us. The 2019 tournament packages are set to go out to each team early November; and that is our target for the new web site launch as well We work very hard to put on a quality event, we apologize to the team in the delay of there prize. We look forward and are excited about the new additions to the event next year.
  2. Okuma Rod & Reel Walleye Copper Combos A pair Okuma 30LC Levelwind Reel - with complete 150' feet Bloodrun Copper package (same as 10 color but half the length) Okuma Dead Eye 8'6" Telescoping Rod Okuma Hat , Boat Sticker & 2018 Okuma catalog All brand new, free shipping /delivery and no sales tax $110.00 Each Please feel free to contact me at anytime 716.435.4137 Thank You
  3. Fish Hawk X4 - Brand New / Never Opened Complete speed and temp (underwater/surface) package. Full Warranty / Ready to install No Tax, No Shipping Free Delivery $599.00 Please feel free to contact me at anytime. 716.435.4137 / [email protected]
  4. The 2018 Sunset Bay Walleye Shoot Out is set for this July. The main event is Saturday, July 21st. With Big Fish Friday being the 20th. Should we have weather cancellations, we will use Sunday, July 22nd as a blow-day. The Sunset Bay is officially the highest paying one-day walleye shoot out in the country. Teams will be fishing for excess of $150,000.00 is cash and prizes. This event has truly become the Super-Bowl of tournament fishing as we have anglers coming from 14 states to fish the venue. The live weigh in show right on the beach at Cabana Sams provides a fun, exciting and unique look at some of the most amazing walleye fishing anywhere in the world. The weigh in show is open to the public and free of charge. We welcome everyone to come visit the beach for the day and watch the weigh in show (which starts at 4:00 pm) - Cabana Sams / Sunset Bay, New York For anglers/teams wishing to fish the event please contact me at 716.435.4137 or [email protected] We look forward to seeing everyone this summer. Tight Lines, Capt. Don Ruppert SSlogo.docx
  5. Okuma Reels - Copper loaded Okuma Convector 30 Levelwind Reels - Copper Packages Fully loaded with anchor, backing, 100' walleye copper, 50 leader, barrel swivel, 6' flourocarbon leader and duo-lock snap. Ready to fish $100.00 each - Brand new
  6. I have a friend that might be interested. What is the dimension between the foot pads that mount to the boat
  7. Hello Eyeliner. Are you planning on staying with Lowrance? You should check out the new advancements from Raymarine. The A, C and E series are all incredible units outfitted with various options. The new Axiom has just been released last month. It includes 3D down imaging, simply incredible. Best regards, WaveTamer Sportfishing, Capt Don Ruppert
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