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  1. Nice catch Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. nice fish and some great memories
  3. good luck too u also budman on 68 we can work together out there if u would like
  4. u are so right don't forget the camcorder
  5. great pics I went to Chicago last week and it looked uglier then that
  6. great idea larry goes to show u that time is precious with friends and Family
  7. I did well in june last year
  8. 2.5 at the fish hawk is critical all sticks this year make a lot of s turns
  9. been starting at 65ft and working out and west fish r still there
  10. captain bobs on main street in Clarence has them also
  11. they r all over the water column now have a caught every species at all different depths this year they r staging outside of catt creek
  12. thanks john been fishing the catt with good luck this year may get out Wednesday if I get the honey do list done lol
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