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  1. That was out of sturgeon pt during the day? Were you trolling ?
  2. Hows 15 bucks for the white clips in the box ?? How many is there ?
  3. Looking for any old school renosky. Colors looking for are fire tiger and the purple and pink or any others you may be willing to part with ?
  4. I wish you would have posted this a month ago . I would do $100.00 for your or-3clips if your interested ?
  5. They dont carry that finish anymore buff bright. The only ones they have are the satin finish. The one that I've seen that still carries this tree in buff bright finish is Berts itself. And they charge 399.00
  6. I have 1 berts rod tree in buff bright finish. $300.00 . Local sales only
  7. Willie planer boards must get rid of. Located in Hamburg ny 25.00
  8. Where in Hamburg ? Will you be home tomorrow during the day? Otherwise I could get them this evening.
  9. What time will you be home ? Were abouts are you located ?
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