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  1. Less then 7 days till things get reel! Hope everyone has worked out the kinks on new equipment, and fixed the pesky issues from last season. Fishing is already good out there. Going to be throwing alot of 20" back this year so be gentle with the future trophies. Good luck to everyone in the tournament. Hope I beat you by a pound. Stay safe and have fun.
  2. Looks like this year will be great!
  3. Second trip was today. Lake was perfect! Had 2 guys on the boat. We got our limit. Seem to be biting throughout the water column. Most bites closer to the bottom. Happy fishing fellas! Oils heating up, time for fresh fish fry
  4. Yeah I was trolling. No not sturgeon, I was out Dk.
  5. I had launched at 930am. I imagine it isn't pretty now
  6. Took this year's first trip today, solo. Lake was a little pissy at first then layed right down. The walleye was a feeding! Didn't take to long to get my limit.
  7. Hey fellas!, Those who have used a wolf cam on their trolling gear, how did ya hook it up? Guess I was thinking off the rigger would probably be safer to not loose? Maybe behind the dipsy?<-- put on after snubber? Just wondering how you guys may have done it. Thanks for any advice!
  8. Wonder how muddy she got. Any opinions on fishability tomorrow?
  9. Tournament starts Saturday so might not get much help. Find bait and fish that area. If I say much more my partners wouldn't be pleased.
  10. We Had luck in 42-55 off the shoals at van buren. On 5 color with reef runners. Didn't Mark much either but the fish were their. We ran 2.2mph on probe. This was last Sunday.
  11. I use this for a reference.. neve 100% but what weather forecast is really. https://forecast.weather.gov/shmrn.php?mz=lez041
  12. Current wave forecast is 1-3s, hopefully 2ft. Spoiled this last weekend with pond water out their.
  13. Not cheap for what they are. Not a bad idea to put name and number on em in case you do loose one. Might find its way to a honest fisherman. We wrap our line around the top tongue behind the peg and havnt lost one since.
  14. Went solo this morning out of Barcelona. Started shallow..like 25-35. Hooked bottom twice and went deeper. Found some action in the mid 50's running 30-40ft down. No monsters but good eaters. 3-5pounders. Back at it tomorrow. Caught on riggers and 6 color.
  15. Will be going out of Barcelona this weekend will post how I make out.
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