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  1. If it is a Terrova I have a copilot system and auto pilot wireless remote system I would sell for cheap.
  2. Let me know if you get bored while in quarantine. lol
  3. Nice coldfeet. Where do you get the tail fins ? I need about 50 of those to replace the broken ones on my Raps.
  4. 1st one that comes to me. How do rivers burn? https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/63
  5. i would think the sand has some levels of industrial contamination.
  6. Disconnect your positive wires from your charger at the battery, Plug your charger in.Use a multimeter you should have 13.1 to 13.6 volts on those wires if not it is your charger is bad.
  7. These work well for fixed slider rigs. https://capt-chuck.com/shop/fishing-gear/dreamweaver-legendary-elberta-clipr-fixed-slider/
  8. I run sliders most of the time. Usually just light spoons with a 3 to 4 foot leader.I have had a few doubles doing so.When the Silver Bass get thick you catch a lot more of them than eyes on them. I have run harnesses on them also with luck but they tend to tangle more.I fish solo often and a couple more lures minus the extra rods help.
  9. Did you check your gas vents to make sure they are not blocked ?
  10. I have been over that secret bridge Quite a few times.
  11. I use to use this one from Sturgeon Point but it is no longer live. http://www.lakevision.com/camera_2.htm There is also this one near the mouth of the river. https://iceboom.nypa.gov/ Not the best but better than nothing. I agree also would be nice to have better cameras.It's like 50 miles one way for me.It's a drag when things are rough like yesterday.Wind forecast didn't look to bad got there and it was rough.Made for tough fishing.
  12. Where is the sign that said launch closed ? I didn't see that when I launched at 2AM Saturday morning. The excavator was up on the hill where they are putting the sand they are dredging out. They had poles in the middle where they haven't dredged yet. Channel on the left side was plenty deep for my boat.
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