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  1. That's why I use wire.If I want fight I go to Lake Ontario and catch Kings.If I want food I go to Erie.I catch plenty of Eyes of my riggers with no weight or drag and they still don't fight.
  2. Youngblood


    Fished solo out of the Catt today 11 -330 got 12. 75 fow 50 to 60 on the riggers.175 back on the dipsey. Harnesses one on a spoon.
  3. Youngblood

    Lost inline board

    The Fish Gods have it.
  4. Youngblood

    Sturgeon Point

    Yes it's open.
  5. Youngblood

    Lost inline board

    Had a Snapper release and a large snap on rear.Must not have had it snapped .I had a light on the board.Without the drag of the line the board layed down making it hard to see..I was fishing solo and had a triple.I had my hands full.
  6. Youngblood

    Lost inline board

    Lost a inline board early Saturday morning.With the wind direction and current it would have been in the buffalo area.Guess I should have had my name and number on it.First one I have ever lost.
  7. Youngblood

    Harness making

    The wire I have is so light and flexible it will be about the same as mono. Last longer, more zebra mussel resistant and easier to store. IMO
  8. Youngblood

    Harness making

    I have a bulk spool of Sevalon 27# test coated 7 wire.It is copper colored stainless. I think it will work very well.Very flexible and holds a knot well.I would trade wire for some finished harnesses.I have been using it for years for wire divers.
  9. Youngblood

    2018 Ice season

    Was a short but sweet ice season on the big lake.Last trip was last Thursday.If the open water season is anything like the ice season was it's going to be a great season.Pull that ice boom and let the games Begin.
  10. Youngblood

    Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Fished solo out of the Catt boxed 5 and a couple of shorts.85 to 91' all on harnesses.A rainbow crushed a harness while I was lowering my downrigger. it jumped at least 6 times behind the boat before it spit the hook.
  11. Youngblood

    Hybrid lures???

    My guess is he is fishing and not painting.
  12. Youngblood

    Walleye Walleye page 2017

    Fished out of the Catt with a friend from 10-6. 85 to 95fow 75 to 80 on the riggers. 200 to 240 back on Dipsies 1 and 3 setting. box 8, couple throw backs,dropped a couple.
  13. Youngblood

    Walleye Walleye page 2017

  14. Youngblood

    Walleye Walleye page 2017

    That is correct. The rings come in 2 sizes.If you are running 2 dipseys or 2 slide divers on 1 side of the boat you can run the larger rings on you inside rod so it dives deeper with less line out.Smaller ring on the outside with more line out.Gives you a better spread and less tangles.