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  1. I have been over that secret bridge Quite a few times.
  2. I use to use this one from Sturgeon Point but it is no longer live. http://www.lakevision.com/camera_2.htm There is also this one near the mouth of the river. https://iceboom.nypa.gov/ Not the best but better than nothing. I agree also would be nice to have better cameras.It's like 50 miles one way for me.It's a drag when things are rough like yesterday.Wind forecast didn't look to bad got there and it was rough.Made for tough fishing.
  3. Where is the sign that said launch closed ? I didn't see that when I launched at 2AM Saturday morning. The excavator was up on the hill where they are putting the sand they are dredging out. They had poles in the middle where they haven't dredged yet. Channel on the left side was plenty deep for my boat.
  4. You shouldn't have to re drill anything.Re tie if yours are not 9 inches in the front and 14 inches in the back on the rope.Some guys add a second keel I haven't don't know how much it helps.Big Jons don't pull real hard like some of the other boards and one side always seems to pull better than the other depending on the wind and the waves.Some guys use 200 pound power pro for there tow line instead of the dacron orange line that comes with the mast.Your releases will slide down it better and it doesn't belly as much because it is lighter and doesn't absorb as much water.
  5. If your talking about Big Jon Otter Boards 9in. on the front to your knot and 14in. on the back.
  6. Had no problem getting out of Sturgeon last night. Just had to hug the left edge going out.
  7. Well what is the status of the launch ? Are we good to go? Thanks Youngblood
  8. That's why I use wire.If I want fight I go to Lake Ontario and catch Kings.If I want food I go to Erie.I catch plenty of Eyes of my riggers with no weight or drag and they still don't fight.
  9. Fished solo out of the Catt today 11 -330 got 12. 75 fow 50 to 60 on the riggers.175 back on the dipsey. Harnesses one on a spoon.
  10. Had a Snapper release and a large snap on rear.Must not have had it snapped .I had a light on the board.Without the drag of the line the board layed down making it hard to see..I was fishing solo and had a triple.I had my hands full.
  11. Lost a inline board early Saturday morning.With the wind direction and current it would have been in the buffalo area.Guess I should have had my name and number on it.First one I have ever lost.
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