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  2. That is correct. The rings come in 2 sizes.If you are running 2 dipseys or 2 slide divers on 1 side of the boat you can run the larger rings on you inside rod so it dives deeper with less line out.Smaller ring on the outside with more line out.Gives you a better spread and less tangles.
  3. The performance rings in my link above will also fit Lure Jensen dipsy divers.
  4. I don't think it's for stealth.It's hard to get a 3.5in. dipsy threw a1/4in. guide
  5. You can buy a larger rings for more depth.It's got to be easier to deploy and not have to hand line.
  6. I fished solo most of the summer.It can really be challenging,I really kind of enjoy it.Yesterday I switched things up a bit and went to Ontario.Fat 10 lber.can be a handful but not as much as a 30lb king especially with a dipsey rod with long lead pulling a flasher fly.I really had my hands full.Hope you find a net man good luck.
  7. I had a nice limit fishing Saturday working the deeper water to the West of the Catt.Only had one in my limit under 20" one about 5 another about 7lbs.but I had to work for them.
  8. Fished solo out of the Catt.headed West. Managed 7 eyes only 1 short. Lost a couple at the boat. All fish caught form 85-94Ft. 75- 85 down on the riggers. !75 to 200ft. back on my dipsey. All on harnesses Copper watermelon and black and pink.
  9. Fished off the Catt. 9/5 short solo trip 1-4. Fished from 80-90ft. Only managed 1 good Walleye about 4lbs. Was pulling harnesses caught about 8 Perch.Every time I checked my riggers I was pulling a Perch or a whitey or my bait was gone.Tried sticks for awhile to no prevail.
  10. Fished Saturday out of Dunkirk solo. Boxed 5 couple throw backs.Half a dozen descent Perch.Black and pink harnesses 140 and 150 back set on 3.5. 60 to 65 on riggers. 65 to 75 fow.Nice mix size on the eyes.
  12. Fished solo out of Dunkirk 630 - 3. Got 5 eyes and 1 Perch. 60 -75ft.Riggers 10 color and dipsey all took fish. Just fished harnesses.
  13. DJ's Campground is to the right going out of Barcelona. A ways before Brocton you can see the trailers.
  14. Hear is a good interactive map.