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  1. Welcome NorthShoreWally been out on the north shore yet this season ? If so any luck on the Perch or Walleyes (or should I say Pickerel ah) lol
  2. Fished solo out of the Catt last night. Found a limit.
  3. What would be a good time to pick it up tomorrow ?
  4. Way to salvage the day. Nice Cat
  5. x2 Got this one last year. Have seen a few guys wrestling with them on my way in from fishing the lake. Looks fun.
  6. https://spooncrankbox.com/ Made local. I believe he is located on Grand Island.
  7. If it is a Terrova I have a copilot system and auto pilot wireless remote system I would sell for cheap.
  8. Let me know if you get bored while in quarantine. lol
  9. Nice coldfeet. Where do you get the tail fins ? I need about 50 of those to replace the broken ones on my Raps.
  10. 1st one that comes to me. How do rivers burn? https://clevelandhistorical.org/items/show/63
  11. i would think the sand has some levels of industrial contamination.
  12. Disconnect your positive wires from your charger at the battery, Plug your charger in.Use a multimeter you should have 13.1 to 13.6 volts on those wires if not it is your charger is bad.
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