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  1. Was out yesterday, best screen was in 50 -55 " , not one color worked better than any others, but grren wih some yellow caught the bigger fish. We launched at six, ended at 11:30 with a 3 man limit, we caught fish on riggers, leadcore and dipseys.
  2. We don't like them either, just trying to find a way to make them track better, if thats possible.
  3. thanks Youngblood, I appreciate your feedback
  4. yes, I am talking about my otter boards, they just do not seen to track right through the water. Do I need to re- drill any holes and re- tie?
  5. We have the Big Jon boards and they do not seem to pull good through the water. Doe anyone have any suggestions as to how to the boards to run better and pull out to the side better keeping the line connected to the mast tought? Thanks
  6. I would like to run wire on one of the dipseys, would you recommend a twilly tip? Thanks
  7. What are your preferred rods to use with your dipsey divers? Thanks
  8. Great, thanks ghauser. I appreciate the help.
  9. I did read back, but with the wind and temp change, wasn't qiut sure if things may have changed. Thnaks for the info. Where are the perch/ what depth?
  10. Heading out this weekend for the probably the last time this year. Are there still walleye to catch or have they moved on? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. Totally Hooked, did you guys go east or west? What depth were you fishing? Any specific colors ? Thanks
  12. Fished this morning out of the Catt. boxed 10 from 6:30- 10:00 and then it seemed liked someone flipped the switch and it shut down for us. 7 and 8 core was best with a rainbow renosky and dipsy's out 100 on a number 3 setting, could not get the downrggers to fire today, we have had much success in the past with the riggers.
  13. Thank you gentlemen for the information that's all I really needed I just want to put my 12 year old nephew on some walleye. I'll be out there in 18 foot white Lund Explorer Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G890A using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  14. Taking my brother in law and 12 year old nephew out on Sunday (for the fist time walleye fishing). Any suggestions as to where to go/ launch, colors and depth would be greatly appreciated. Tony
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