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  1. Perfect, thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. Thinking about heading out on Sunday, just wondering if it’s still worth the effort to go out for walleye if they are still out there? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  3. Thinking of heading out of Dunkirk in the morning if the winds are down. Any suggestion as to where to start and what bait is working best? Thanks will post a report at some point tomorrow.
  4. fished out of Dunkirk this morning with my daughter (first time out with me in her 20 years of her existence) and her boyfriend. We ended up with 10, letting my daughter reel in most of the fish and try her hand at netting. She lost 5, knocked one of mine at the boat and her boyfriend lost 2, plus missed a few hits. But landed a bonus 12 lb lake trout. Should have limited out, but time spent with my daughter was priceless. She had a great time and hopefully she has the itch. Anyways, our best depth was 97'- 103', we used a10 core, riggers at 56 and 58, and dipseys at 165- 170. Fished all sticks, bombers, scatter rap and smithwick rougue 10's.
  5. second that, thanks for the report, heading out in the AM, i will report when I get home
  6. Heading out tomorrow in the AM, and info would be great. Thanks for the report Milt
  7. They were on a 3 setting, I ran 1 on steel and the other on braid (135) Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  8. Fished this morning for 5 hours, launched off Hamburg beach and ran out to 58 - 62 foot of water where you can see the condos. Ended up boating 8 All between 18 - 24 inches, 2 can off riggers at 55/ 56 with purple/ silver and watermelon harnesses, the other 6 came off dipseys (out 130 - 135) and lead core (5color) on bombers in perch color and black/ orange. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  9. Was out this morning, SLOWWWWWW!! only 3 fish, one weighed just over 9 lbs (no we are not in the tournament), nothing on sticks, fish came on different color harnesses and 1 big 5 lb sheepshead. Not sure where all the walleye are?
  10. Got out for the first time yesterday behind the windmills, fished 32- 39 feet of water, manager to get 6 and 1 throwback. We had to work for them. All fish came on harnesses, nothing on sticks or spoons.
  11. We will give that a shot, thanks Fishy and good luck to this year.
  12. planning on heading out early, do you use sticks or harnesses? trolling or bottom bounce? Thanks
  13. planning to go out during the day, thanks
  14. Heading out of SBH this weekend for the first time this year and dragging a newbie along with me. I'll take any information or suggestions you can provide, thanks.
  15. Thanks to all that responded, I guess I'll have to spend some of my stimulus check.
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