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  1. Lots of algae in the water as well. I think I'll put the local eyes away for a while. I hear there are other kinds of fish in the lake. Lol.
  2. Was out in 54' today. 80 degrees on top. Pulled my harness up to check it and the worm was really warm. Lots of marks but no takers.
  3. Naaaawww, shoot. I used to do that in my row boat. With one oar. At night. With nothing but a stick, some string and an unbaited hook....
  4. Thanks for the report. Was the client interested in doing the Erie trip again? Not exactly screaming drags on king salmon, but a good time.
  5. That's a big ass box of fish!
  6. I was down last week. Zip. Temps going up might help.
  7. That will be one trip he will never forget.
  8. Nice job guys. I didnt know they had walleye in Australia...
  9. Hit a spot in front of the river last night for a hour. 15' FOW One rock bass. One 24" eye. One 18" football shaped smallmouth. 3" pink walleydiver bumping the bottom.
  10. A few years back I fished the drop off just outside the breakwall. I did well. I brought the fish camera and was surprised by what I saw. Perch, white bass, eyes, suckers, all schooled together.
  11. Ive caught eyes, bass and sheephead on swedish pimples jigging the mouth of the river. Drift with the current. Its just like ice fishing only warmer. If you work off the back of your boat, you can someimes keep your jig on the sonar screen.
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