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  1. I was down last week. Zip. Temps going up might help.
  2. That will be one trip he will never forget.
  3. Nice job guys. I didnt know they had walleye in Australia...
  4. Hit a spot in front of the river last night for a hour. 15' FOW One rock bass. One 24" eye. One 18" football shaped smallmouth. 3" pink walleydiver bumping the bottom.
  5. A few years back I fished the drop off just outside the breakwall. I did well. I brought the fish camera and was surprised by what I saw. Perch, white bass, eyes, suckers, all schooled together.
  6. Ive caught eyes, bass and sheephead on swedish pimples jigging the mouth of the river. Drift with the current. Its just like ice fishing only warmer. If you work off the back of your boat, you can someimes keep your jig on the sonar screen.
  7. I had to do a double take as well. LOL
  8. Species Open Season Minimum Length Daily Limit Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout (including Steelhead), Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon All year 12″ 3 in any combination Lake Trout All year 12″ 1 Northern Pike 1st Sat In May through March 15 22″ 5 Walleye 1st Sat In May through March 15 15″ 6 Muskellunge, Tiger Muskellunge 3rd Sat in June through Nov 30 54″ 1 Yellow Perch, Sunfish All year Any size 50 of each Black Bass December 1 through the Fri preceding the 3rd Sat in June 20″ 1 3rd Sat in June through Nov 30 12″ 5 Lake Sturgeon Closed Possession Prohibited
  9. This time of year the eyes are in shallow day or night. Troll in 9'-20' FOW at night. Closer to shore works well. Stick baits on the surface. during the day they are a little more skittish. Casting for them as you drift works. You will catch a ton of bass but that is lots of fun as well. As the water warms, the eyes go deeper. Find the bait and you find the fish. Good luck with the new boat. I hope you catch a ton on it.
  10. I grew up on Cayuga and yes the fishing has changed. The bass tourneys laid waste to the bass fishery. Pressure changed the bass habits quickly. By far the most encompassing is the zebra mussels. Once the lake's food base was altered, removed, and the lake got clearer, things moved deeper. Enter the Gobi....and on and on. Oh wait, almost forgot the large heat exchange in the south end, sorry trout....Things change all the time. It's how we adapt to them that matters.
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