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  1. I grew up on Cayuga and yes the fishing has changed. The bass tourneys laid waste to the bass fishery. Pressure changed the bass habits quickly. By far the most encompassing is the zebra mussels. Once the lake's food base was altered, removed, and the lake got clearer, things moved deeper. Enter the Gobi....and on and on. Oh wait, almost forgot the large heat exchange in the south end, sorry trout....Things change all the time. It's how we adapt to them that matters.
  2. Best time to fish is when you have time...
  3. 2017 Lake Erie United Giveaway!

    Thank you very much to Blood Run Tackle for their generous donation to LEU. I just completed my order of some terminal tackle and am looking forward to updating my lures. Again, thank you. Joel
  4. I watch all of Thundermist's videos. I didn't realize they made the stingnose. I'll have to pick some up. Is that a plated steel or a cast lead body? I do like certain lures! and I use them to a fault. When I know the fish are biting on one thing I always go back to the lures I like. That's probably why I don't catch as much. LOL.
  5. went out tonight with the intent of getting some perch. They are there. I launched at the Catt. and went out to 60 FOW. Schools everywhere. Some would bite, some not. All I had were salted emeralds. Used Swedish pimples. They were spitting up scuds. Caught ten and went out further. Lots of big marks in 70+ FOW. Caught two eyes drifting a spinner with a worm attached. A good day for me. Lots of full coolers at the launch. Go Get Them!
  6. Was blown away by the amount of bait in the depths. It's going to be a crazy fall perch bite this year.
  7. Achilles, I like the table for cleaning the fish. How does it work for you?
  8. Fished in close for a few hours today. noon to 3:00. Started around the walls but nothing. Went out to the line and had good marks but no takers. Came in early and headed to Ribfest in Buffalo. Wind was steady off shore.
  9. cool info guys. Thanks
  10. I like that spot. I watched two boats fill their coolers while I squeezed out two. Lol. So many fish to catch within five minutes of launching at the small boat harbor. I know there are plenty of great fishing spots all over the lake but I'd like to concentrate on just the river mouth this year. If I can catch an eye or three I'm happy. Everything else is a bonus.
  11. All those bugs!

    The last time I had house flies bite me like that I was in some crap hole in Saudi. I hate with un-dieing passion those flies. I swear we brought them back in the 90's and here they are. Every time the wind dies out on the lake they show up. They puke up on you and it stings right through my jeans! YUCK! BLAAAK! WILLIES
  12. Look forward to trying that. I used to use red head jigs with black and white hair with good success in the Susquehanna as a kid. If I can find some I'll dig them out and try that as well. I know trolling is an effective means to fill coolers but it can get boring. I like the turn and burn method punctuated by a vicious strike.
  13. Hit the mouth of the upper river last night. Trolled deep dive plugs. One bass. Fed up with my results I went Ice Fishing Style on them. Tipped a jigging rapala with a worm. Drifted until I saw good marks and dropped it on their heads. Bam! a nice eye on the first drop. Next two drops were sheepheads. Lots of fun. The bite stopped after dark and I didn't feel like trolling the walls so in I went. Great night to be out.
  14. I thought it was just satire. No worries. I wonder if the whole egg thing has to do with the older they get the less effective they are at spawning? I bet you could have cured them for egg skeen.(sp) or caviar. LOL