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Lake Erie Cameras NEEDED!!!!

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With the small boat harbor being a major port on Lake Erie isn't it about time there was a live web camera that showed lake conditions and maybe if possible the wind turbines that show wind speed and direction.  Currently you can get live web camera views of snowmobile trail conditions in the boonies of Barnes Corners, some of the Finger Lakes have cameras for water conditions. A friend of mine drove to Buffalo to test a new motor he was having trouble with that he bought from Cabala's but the small boat harbor was full of ice. I've driven to the Small Boat Harbor and Cattaragus creek only to find it to rough to fish in spite of weather forecasts. Lets not forget fog and other weather conditions that effect boating. It's a SAFETY ISSUE too.  Does  anyone else see the BENEFIT and NEED of having this live interactive simple but effective technology in place for us boaters to utilize.  If so please speak up!!!


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  I use to use this one from Sturgeon Point but it is no longer live. http://www.lakevision.com/camera_2.htm    There is also this one near the mouth of the river.    https://iceboom.nypa.gov/   Not the best but better than nothing. I agree also would be nice to have better cameras.It's like 50 miles one way for me.It's a drag when things are rough like yesterday.Wind forecast didn't look to bad got there and it was rough.Made for tough fishing.

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Yes...without a doubt camera would be great. Somewhere off the center breakwall would be ideal. Every year many, many fisherman drive hours to get to the lake only to find it to be too rough...burned by poor weather and wind forecast. 

The company the owns Safe Boat Marina should install cameras. I'm sure they are making a healthy profit there with all their slips rented for the season starting at $1200 and up per slip. I'd even settle for a large airport style windsock out there that can be observed from shore. An online camera showing the windsock and the water would be a perfect solution.

Who do we need to speak to make it happen is the key question?

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Lake Erie generates its own weather at times. Water and air conditions cause a huge difference in wave heights and gaps. Mid summer heats will double wave heights off Dunkirk from shore to mid lake regions. We fished the PWT tournament in Dunkirk one year where wave heights went from one foot to twelve foot high in one hour. TV cameras are not a safe indicator of wave conditions .

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