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  1. Should have been done at least 2 months ago!
  2. We don't need or want inefficient wind turbines in our lake at all !!
  3. All of Ohio's shore line caters to fishing and using the lake year round! Again NY sucks when it comes to using OUR natural resources! Look at Erie Basin marina they not only close it up They barriacade the ramps! We should be able to get in our lakes when ever we want all year long! Its bad enough most ramps and docks don't even go in until the middle of May or the week before the season opens. All total BS!
  4. I agree, if someone wants to go out on the lake anytime of year we should have a launch site open and access to the lake!
  5. For sale. Complete Sub Troll, trolling system, includes all cables, antenna and probe. $300 Pick up only or possibly meet half way.
  6. Does anyone think they will ever get it right!? 1.5 million , 1 million for the politicians and .5 for poor repairs!
  7. Is Hidden Harbor launch open? I was told it won't be open until May 15th. Also did Dave's and Weber's close for good? Thanks in advance.
  8. I am thinking once the prices go up they will never go down again! And that's on everything.
  9. They need to put launches ,docks & ramps in the old union ship canal!
  10. I called yesterday,(6/9) $15 to launch, $10 for seniors & vets. I asked if they were going to drop the price to normal rates & got no reply & a hang up on the phone. Guess I hit a nerve.
  11. Screw the marina, just clean out the launch and to the opening at the walls so people can launch and get out of the harbor!
  12. If they won't give refunds you slip holders should do a class action against them!
  13. I was there& Nothing was being done as of last week Wed.
  14. Another thing that would help at the SBH is to redirect the bike/walking trail away from crossing in front of the launch ramp. We get 1/2 way up the ramp & need to stop for people crossing in front of us.. They should redirect it to cross somewhere before & away form the launch.
  15. I agree this would make sense. All they need to do is put in a launch ramp, all the other amenities are already there. I can't believe some one has not done this already.
  16. Fished out of Dunkirk again ,Thursday (10/10) got another 15 lakers & 2 walleyes(not targeted) 120-140 fow, all on Gambler rigs again. Last time out for this year, unless we go for perch with the small boat.
  17. We don't want or need windmills in the great lakes! If King Andy wants them let him put them in the Long Island sound & the ocean!
  18. They were caught on peanut rigs behind cowbells after being released off the riggers & floating up to the surface.
  19. We targeted lakers on Monday am. out of Dunkirk, we boated 25 lakers & got 7 eyes as a bonus. we fished 85-110 fow between the stacks & the Portland ball to the west. All came on Gambler rigs within 10ft. of the bottom. We had a good day!
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