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  1. 2 Cannon electric riggers Posting for a friend, 2 electric cannon Mag 10 A riggers; 4 ft. booms; swivel bases; 2- 8# balls; digit trolls with auto. stops; 4 rod holders; ball retrieval pulleys. $500 for both. In the Alden NY. area. Local pick up. May meet half way if need be. Thanks for looking!
  2. Then the rings from the dipsy divers should interchange on the slide divers ??
  3. Fished out in front of Dunkirk yesterday boated 20-25, got 14 keepers ,1 steelie, & 3 perch. Was a perfect day, flat lake , a slight breeze, not humid, & good fishing! What more does a person need!
  4. If you can carefully take the side off where the line counter is sometimes the gears are just out of alignment & is an easy fix or might need a little cleaning & a drop of glue. or sometimes just need to push/pull on the reset button. At least mine was.
  5. They look like mounds or piles stretched out right on the bottom. I also think the water temp. right now is still a bit too warm , it has gone up the last few days, & they are still out deep & maybe scattered.
  6. I was told that Camping World are the new owners & they are against firearms & fishing .
  7. I am surprised you run mono line on your dipsey's way too much stretch. I would suggest braided line instead for better detection of hits. jmo. but I think others will agree.
  8. That Union ship canal should have a boat launch/ramp on it with trk/trailer parking & lets hope its not like safe harbor ramps! I can't understand why someone hasn't done that yet. Maybe we need to get Higgins involved. It would be a perfect spot. jmo
  9. Does anyone ever dip emeralds in the channel at the end of Furman blvd.. by the south end marnia under the the bridge?? I heard you can get them there.
  10. I have seen charter guys fishing in front of the Purina towers out of Dunkirk
  11. We fished out of Dunkirk yesterday targeting lakers, we ended up with 13 lakers & 3 walleyes. All the lakers where caught & released for another day but the eyes where eaten 3 hrs. later! We had a good day! All lakers where caught on Gambler rigs,10 ft off the bottom or at the depth of the fish sometimes at 80 fow over 140 fow
  12. Ten percent, how deep were you when you got the lakers? Thanks
  13. for sale

    Would you sell just the 2, LC47 combo's rods & reels? If so how much & where you located? PM me if need be.
  14. So can Erie, we have hogs too but there is a lot more water for them to hide & find them.
  15. I heard rumor they are staying open until Oct.4th. or maybe that is the Catt. state launch. Call Sturg. pt. 716-947-4452