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  1. If this was the only waste of NY Tax payers money , wouldn't that be great! Just saying. lol
  2. Talk to Fishkiller (Jim) at Ultimate Outdoors he fishes Ohio every spring.
  3. There are some on FB market place one Johnson & a Mercury both 9.9-10 hp.
  4. Get in touch with Fishkiller ( Jim) at Ultimate Outdoors he fishes Ohio every spring he might have some info.
  5. I googled it & there are a few places that have wild boar in Ohio but they all seem to be fenced hunts on private preserves with outfitters. I don't know if that's what you are looking for.
  6. Cuomo is only cares about NYC & down state projects he could care less about the rest of the state. We need to get rid of NYC & make the rest of the state it's own. South of rt. 90 & east of rt. 81 can make it their own.
  7. I got 3 last week out of Dunkirk in 110 fow.
  8. They need to put launch ramps in the south end union ship canal. A couple ramps & docks would help tremendously & the arking lots are already there!
  9. FOR SALE - Yamaha 3 hp.; 2 cycle; short shaft(18" from mount to cavitation plate); tiller steering; gas tank on top of engine; neutral & forward no reverse must turn engine 180* for reverse; I used it on a 16'aluminum boat will push it at 5-6 mph. Also was used on a canoe. Asking $450 excellent condition, can send pics. if interested. PM me if interested.
  10. Asking for a friend, Any one/private in the Buffalo/ Western NY area do bellows replacement ? The marinas want to do a total job replacing all the cables , hoses & everything. He just wants to get the bellows done because he plans on selling the boat at the end of the season which is now for him due to the bad bellows. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. Wondering just where this was filmed (don't give your hot spot away) . At the mouth of the river , out in the lake, near the round house ?? I had a friend that use to dive near the round house & always said people wouldn't believe the numbers & size of the fish in that area.
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