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  1. those hanging hoses are just another waste of $$$. If they were 2 ft. longer or able to reach the edge of the table st least a person could use them. Also nice to see a better hose nozzle that works easier, I was going to put a new one on it myself.
  2. The new launch really stinks when launching alone. And the parking lot is totally striped ass backwards. The walking/bike path should make a 90 degree turn at the pay/toll both & head south to the other side of the lot! And can anyone explain why there is only 1 electric outlet in the fish cleaning station!? This is the era of the electric fillet knife! Millions of $$$$ spent for bad results!
  3. That,s all my buddy used there for years & swears by them.
  4. Should be one at the Catt. out on the end of the breakwall . One at Dunkirk , one at S.P showing the lake not the harbor, all showing the lake would be nice.
  5. There is a guy in Marilla on 4 rod rd that does fiberglass/gel coat repair, maybe he could help you out.
  6. NO wind turbines in our lake!!
  7. If this was the only waste of NY Tax payers money , wouldn't that be great! Just saying. lol
  8. Talk to Fishkiller (Jim) at Ultimate Outdoors he fishes Ohio every spring.
  9. There are some on FB market place one Johnson & a Mercury both 9.9-10 hp.
  10. Get in touch with Fishkiller ( Jim) at Ultimate Outdoors he fishes Ohio every spring he might have some info.
  11. I googled it & there are a few places that have wild boar in Ohio but they all seem to be fenced hunts on private preserves with outfitters. I don't know if that's what you are looking for.
  12. Cuomo is only cares about NYC & down state projects he could care less about the rest of the state. We need to get rid of NYC & make the rest of the state it's own. South of rt. 90 & east of rt. 81 can make it their own.
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