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  1. Chamberlain releases

    I started using them last yr. & they work great once you get them set as you like them. look on u-tube & there videos on how to set them & use them by the inventor.
  2. You can still only use 1 at a time. lol
  3. Geezzz, I thought you were going for another one!
  4. Lund 1800 tyee or 1900

    Don't do what I did , started with a 16' went to 18' then 20' now up to a 22' but I think that's it. I almost went for a 25' but figured it was too big to haul & launch by myself if need be. 22' works well for me & 2-3 guys.
  5. for sale 2004 Albemarle 268xf

    Nice boat, good luck filling it with fish!
  6. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all & happy New Year!
  7. Wondering if anyone has a brand name 90-110 cc kids 4 wheeler in good shape & running condition taking up space that you might want to sell?(before X-Mas) I just got a 2013 for less than $1500 & am wondering if there might be another 1 out there some where? Pm me if so, Thanks lineman.
  8. The wind on lk Erie will have the lower river messed up for at least the next week, I would think.
  9. Wet net charters & King fisher charters & River masters charters, all very good. I have fished with King Fisher & River master both have been at it for many years, but Wet net is very good also. They are all killing the steelies right now!
  10. 2017 deer season

    I have 2 mature doe 1 yesterday Am & one last Sunday am. Still looking for the big guy!
  11. 2017 deer season

    He must have been in a few fights.
  12. Perch Hanover boat launch

    Anyone know if Sturg. pt. launch is still open, with or without docks??
  13. Lake Conditions

    2 weeks ago SP opening was 1/2 way closed due to sand bar.
  14. NIB, Crossbow blots for sale

    Last call, any takers? Thanks for looking.
  15. 2017 deer season

    As I said on the other site, that is one beautiful buck! Congrats! Wow a big buck hunter, a bear hunter & looks like a beer drinker, What more could a guy ask for ?! lol