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  1. He must have been in a few fights.
  2. Perch

    Anyone know if Sturg. pt. launch is still open, with or without docks??
  3. 2 weeks ago SP opening was 1/2 way closed due to sand bar.
  4. Last call, any takers? Thanks for looking.
  5. As I said on the other site, that is one beautiful buck! Congrats! Wow a big buck hunter, a bear hunter & looks like a beer drinker, What more could a guy ask for ?! lol
  6. NIB, Crossbow blots for sale I have 6 new Beman 20" carbon X-bow bolts, $25 ( were $40 new) brand new never used, they have half moon nocks installed & also come with 6 flat back nocks; they are high strength C2 carbon construction; wt. tolerance of +/- 2 grains; o.d.= 22/64; 10.5 grains per inch; & are smooth black finish. Thanks for looking.
  7. Anyone dipping/getting emeralds any where?
  8. No sale made, riggers still available.
  9. Went out of Dunkirk yesterday for lakers & picked up 7 eyes (5 keepers) on our higher lines.. Talked to a guy at the dock while putting boats on the trailers him & his buddy were fishing for eyes & they got 7.
  10. Another case of where courtesy & common sense comes into play. Its sort of like sitting at the bottom of a guys tree stand while he is in it. A few years ago my wife & I were in the pack not doing well, we move about a 1/2 mile found a school by ourselves & got 75 in about 2 hours.
  11. robalo 180, you have a PM. I talked to your buddy so we are good thanks