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  1. lineman49


    Happy holidays to all!
  2. lineman49

    2018 Deer season

    Nice Buck!
  3. lineman49

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    I got 3 last week out of Dunkirk in 110 fow.
  4. They need to put launch ramps in the south end union ship canal. A couple ramps & docks would help tremendously & the arking lots are already there!
  5. FOR SALE - Yamaha 3 hp.; 2 cycle; short shaft(18" from mount to cavitation plate); tiller steering; gas tank on top of engine; neutral & forward no reverse must turn engine 180* for reverse; I used it on a 16'aluminum boat will push it at 5-6 mph. Also was used on a canoe. Asking $450 excellent condition, can send pics. if interested. PM me if interested.
  6. lineman49

    Bellows Replacement?

    Asking for a friend, Any one/private in the Buffalo/ Western NY area do bellows replacement ? The marinas want to do a total job replacing all the cables , hoses & everything. He just wants to get the bellows done because he plans on selling the boat at the end of the season which is now for him due to the bad bellows. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Mostly muskies might help you out with info.
  8. lineman49

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    Wondering just where this was filmed (don't give your hot spot away) . At the mouth of the river , out in the lake, near the round house ?? I had a friend that use to dive near the round house & always said people wouldn't believe the numbers & size of the fish in that area.
  9. lineman49

    Walleye Barcelona

    Nets are marked with buoys & flags at the ends & corners just stay outside of them all.
  10. lineman49

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    Very cool , Thanks!
  11. I am having the same problem, get half way & it happens then need to start all over again, I thought it was just me.
  12. 2 - axles with 15" wheels; (needs new tires) electric brakes; leaf springs(4 leafs each); 76" between brake baking plates. Asking $200 ea. or B/O. PM me if interested. Thanks
  13. lineman49

    North east

    To bad the walleyes don't fight like the lakers then we would have a great tasting & a fighting fish!
  14. I agree with Jimski2 don't need speed bumps, they do damage. But JMO this is the worst parking lot & launch ramp in NY state! It seems to me it is built totally ass backwards! The parking lot striping goes at the wrong angles. And the launch is to long & shallow! Then that stupid concrete wall is just pain a in the ass it may be fine if you are 20 yrs. old & can jump up on to it but at 69 my jumping days are over! It's just a long walk for me back & forth. & launching by yourself is a bigger pain! If a person does not power load onto their trailer you cannot load your boat without getting your feet wet & getting into the water! I have been at boat launches from Buffalo to the most eastern finger lakes & have never seen a worst launch! It sucks! Again JMO.
  15. lineman49

    Sunset Shootout

    Thanks !