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  1. lineman49

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    Very cool , Thanks!
  2. I am having the same problem, get half way & it happens then need to start all over again, I thought it was just me.
  3. 2 - axles with 15" wheels; (needs new tires) electric brakes; leaf springs(4 leafs each); 76" between brake baking plates. Asking $200 ea. or B/O. PM me if interested. Thanks
  4. lineman49

    North east

    To bad the walleyes don't fight like the lakers then we would have a great tasting & a fighting fish!
  5. I agree with Jimski2 don't need speed bumps, they do damage. But JMO this is the worst parking lot & launch ramp in NY state! It seems to me it is built totally ass backwards! The parking lot striping goes at the wrong angles. And the launch is to long & shallow! Then that stupid concrete wall is just pain a in the ass it may be fine if you are 20 yrs. old & can jump up on to it but at 69 my jumping days are over! It's just a long walk for me back & forth. & launching by yourself is a bigger pain! If a person does not power load onto their trailer you cannot load your boat without getting your feet wet & getting into the water! I have been at boat launches from Buffalo to the most eastern finger lakes & have never seen a worst launch! It sucks! Again JMO.
  6. lineman49

    Sunset Shootout

    Thanks !
  7. lineman49

    Sunset Shootout

    Does anyone know when the weigh in times are for the Sun Set Bay walleye shootout?? Day & time? Thanks in advance!
  8. lineman49

    North east

    That's cool!
  9. lineman49

    North east

    You must really hate fish if you don't eat walleye. What about perch? They are the best 2 eating fish ever (jmho) Maybe you just need a good recipe. lol. But you are a lot of fish & that's a good thing!
  10. lineman49

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    Try pulling flashy lures lure's/spoons high in the water column behind dipsey's
  11. lineman49

    Lake Erie Trailer Boat Ramps

    Every where?? NY keeps going up pretty soon it will be cheaper to own a boat than launch one!
  12. lineman49

    North east

    All looking good! Nice fish.
  13. lineman49

    Motot issues

    It might be doing what it is suppose to. My Yamaha does that for the first 2 min. dealer told me if it doesn't then you have a problem, it needs more lube on start up. Just what I was told.
  14. lineman49

    Berkley power bait and worm harness

    Take the worms out of the dirt, wash them off & put in a lunch cooler with water & ice. No dirt & no mess & stay alive Then put them back in the dirt at the end of the day.
  15. lineman49

    East of Stergeon

    I am sure you do & I bet you don't miss it. My comment was towards "off the grid" I know he is a lineman & I am sure he has been there as have I. Not good on hot days!