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  1. I like to do the s move if traffic allows it gets lures moving faster and slower to see what is best
  2. Water temp Any one got a water temp report either north or south basin
  3. Try getting the speed down a bit and sounds like the old release over marks and let rise through the column has been productive
  4. Eastern Basin Steelhead fishing

    Seems to me that water column sets up a little different than Ontario. Bait fish is another key.
  5. Lakers Anybody specifically targeting Lakers out there. I hear a few being caught walleye fishing but is the fishery good enough to run a program specific spread
  6. Harnesses

    The vibrax took the first hit of the morning Saturday. Good rip in 80ft. The leader broke 6inches behind the dipsey. Overall good day Saturday on harnesses and one on a rapala between Dunkirk and Barcelona
  7. Getting skunked

  8. Harnesses

    That's what I've been tinkering with too. Different spoon type baits with worm trailer. I know plenty of guys run stickbaits with a crawler
  9. Would expect that probably the catt launch will be most effected by the recent rains. Possibly debris. Any one got any reports of any issues at any of the launches. Most are protected harbors
  10. Harnesses

    Its like playing the mad scientist andsometimes you come up with something that works awesome and other times just a pile of broken lures.
  11. Harnesses

    Harnesses I took some blue fox vibraxes and turned them into worm harnesses. Has anyone else tried this and had any luck. Hoping to get out soon to try them.