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  1. Welcome, you won't find a better forum than this one
  2. Welcome aboard
  3. Welcome aboard Only been fishing Erie a few times the past couple of years so I'm definitely still a "newbie" myself. Lots of helpful folks on here more than willing to get you pointed in the right direction !! Good luck and stay safe.
  4. Thanks for the info. Looks like SBH just might be the spot. Will post results if we make the trip.
  5. I can't comment on lake conditions as I'm 3 1/2 hours away, but just wondering when docks are usually pulled from places like Sturgeon Pt, SBH and the Catt ? Also wondering where the best starting point for walleyes would be this time of year. This is only my second year fishing Erie so still trying to learn the ins & outs I'd like to make 1 more trip out there before putting the boat away for the year. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Officer Lehner, thank you for your service. RIP
  7. Thoughts & prayers for this young man, his family & friends.
  8. Any update yet Just Fishin ?
  9. Prayers for a safe rescue
  10. That's a beauty Stillwater Congrats
  11. No I meant 38........we only kept a total of 17 in 3 days, the rest were released Here's the 2 biggest we had 28" & 30"
  12. Fished the Catt Mon, Tues & Wed about 9 miles out in 85 - 95 fow. Ended the 3 days with a total of 38 walleye between 2 of us. The smallest was 15 & 1/4", the biggest was 30", had another that was 28". All on harnesses. Weather was picture perfect and yes the flies were biting at times, other times the eel flies were crawling all over.
  13. To the 2 fellas in the white boat off the Catt this morning that stopped by & gave us a tip.......thank you!! You guys were spot on!!!
  14. Anyone know if Sturgeon Point Marina is charging to launch boats during the week still ? Planning to come out that way this week. Thanks.
  15. Nothing beats family fishing time