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  1. wallychaser


    A beauty for sure
  2. wallychaser

    Like LOU much better then LEU

    Agree 100% duk both sites serve their purpose.
  3. wallychaser

    Like LOU much better then LEU

  4. wallychaser

    Lake erie walleye fishing

    Sometimes you just have to think outside the box lol
  5. wallychaser


    Great day right there, one the kids will talk about for a long time
  6. wallychaser

    2018 Sunset Bay Walleye Shoot Out

    Congrats to the winners
  7. wallychaser

    West of Pt Breeze 60 ft

  8. wallychaser

    Barcelona July 5th

    He's hooked for life now
  9. wallychaser

    The Fence

    Great job
  10. Fished by windmills Monday....picked up 4 walleyes 17 - 23". Cottonwood "snow" lost us at least 2 others crawler harnesses took everything.
  11. Good luck Dipper Leave a few for us, we'll be there tomorrow
  12. We'll be there Monday thru Wednesday. Hope the fish are still hanging in the area
  13. wallychaser


    Interesting. I also think experience with walleye fishing helps when fishing Ontario. This is our 2nd year brown trout fishing, can't remember how many years we've been walleye fishing. Had some very successful days with the browns for a couple "newbies" The similarities are endless !!! Heading to Erie next week, hope the catching success rate continues lol !!
  14. wallychaser


    Thanks RD9 for the tips