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  1. Fished by windmills Monday....picked up 4 walleyes 17 - 23". Cottonwood "snow" lost us at least 2 others crawler harnesses took everything.
  2. Good luck Dipper Leave a few for us, we'll be there tomorrow
  3. We'll be there Monday thru Wednesday. Hope the fish are still hanging in the area
  4. wallychaser


    Interesting. I also think experience with walleye fishing helps when fishing Ontario. This is our 2nd year brown trout fishing, can't remember how many years we've been walleye fishing. Had some very successful days with the browns for a couple "newbies" The similarities are endless !!! Heading to Erie next week, hope the catching success rate continues lol !!
  5. wallychaser


    Thanks RD9 for the tips
  6. Looking at coming out Sunday night, fishing Monday thru Wednesday !!! Hope the wind plays nice
  7. wallychaser


    Looking forward to your reports !! Almost ready to make the 4 hr drive for a couple days on the water
  8. wallychaser

    Dunkirk launch and motel?

    x3 on the Clarion can't get any closer to some great fishing !! Good luck
  9. wallychaser

    hello everyone

    Welcome, you won't find a better forum than this one
  10. wallychaser

    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome aboard
  11. wallychaser

    Newbie from NWPA

    Welcome aboard Only been fishing Erie a few times the past couple of years so I'm definitely still a "newbie" myself. Lots of helpful folks on here more than willing to get you pointed in the right direction !! Good luck and stay safe.
  12. wallychaser

    Lake Conditions

    Thanks for the info. Looks like SBH just might be the spot. Will post results if we make the trip.
  13. wallychaser

    Lake Conditions

    I can't comment on lake conditions as I'm 3 1/2 hours away, but just wondering when docks are usually pulled from places like Sturgeon Pt, SBH and the Catt ? Also wondering where the best starting point for walleyes would be this time of year. This is only my second year fishing Erie so still trying to learn the ins & outs I'd like to make 1 more trip out there before putting the boat away for the year. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. wallychaser

    Assistance if in or around the Upper Niagara

    Officer Lehner, thank you for your service. RIP