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  1. Slow pick off Dunkirk today. Ended up with 5 walleyes to 5# and one laker in about three hours in the AM. Dreamweaver WD firetiger 75-100fow. Some eyes down 88 over 100. Some on 5 color leadcore watermelon bomber.. Nothing on divers.
  2. Nice. We saw them stacked up on the bottom on the way in at 4pm. I figured a nice drift would work. Back in the day we used the chugging irons almost exclusively. Junebug spinner with a yellow Sally and crawler or a flatfish with middle hooks removed and a crawler piece on the back.
  3. New to the Lake Erie Board, but have been on Lake Ontario board since inception. Chad Lappa and Co. do a great job, but everyone needs to contribute to make it successful. I don't understand why more people aren't using it. After making the trek from Wayne county we got off to a late slow start around 9 AM. Started in 55 fow west of the harbor with a top to bottom array of choice baits. Boards with core, riggers and divers. Finally got dialed in a bit about two miles east of the Catt. in 62 fow. Monkey puke harness with a crawler off the riggers 52 over 55 fow. Dipseys and deep diving stickbaits were a wash. Rose colored and firetiger stickbaits with 5 colors at 325 out off the boards. Firetiger Dreamweaver WD of the riggers right on the bottom in 55 fow later closer to the harbor in 50-55 fow. Picture of the graph shows late day screen around 4 pm. Fish were stacked up for about a mile. We also hit two slob smallies of the riggers amongst the walters. 1.9 to 2.1 for speed on the meter. North -south or West to east trolls seemed to work best for us. Time for a fish fry. Catch a big one or two and be safe.
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