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  1. No. Newer ones. I think I have the pictures in the original listing
  2. Hey there. Yes I do. Yes they are LC. Thanks. Also still have the size 47 LC. And two plums white diamond dipsy rods. Just looking to do some Re arranging and upgrading on my spread. Thanks.
  3. Two Okuma White Diamond wire rods. 10ft 2pc Med/heavy. Roller tips. Like new. 119$ Brand new. Will sell the pair for 180$. Used twice. Want shorter rods for my boat.
  4. Two Daiwa Accudepth Plus 47 size. Great shape. They're 90 bucks new. Freshly spooled with 20lb. 100$ for the pair. Two Sealine SG 27 size. Great shape. They'e 109 new. Freshly spooled with 20lb. 120$ for the pair.
  5. I agree. No prob sharing info and working an area together. I'm definitely not one of those guys that thinks he owns the lake. Some days are busy, sometimes you just make a mistake, it happens. But when you have choices, be observant out there. Especially pinching the other guy into another boat, or in my case I was up against the line and stuck. But anyhow, enough of that rant. Was a slow day in areas that have been good. Most marks I did see were pretty tight to the bottom. Only ran 3 and 5 color. Might be time to start running deeper. Time to adjust.
  6. Wow. Sow day for me today out of SBH. Trolled sticks on lead core . Two keepers and 5 sheep. I covered a ton of water looking for fish. Didn't see much. Full moon? (that' at least the excuse I'm using) Made it all the way out in front of Sturgeon Pt. A bit of a rant.... I'm the only boat within sight... how the hell does somebody pull up right up your ass. I mean he was probably on top of my sticks. Then proceed to stay right on my port. Way too close. Was pinched in between him in the line. Normally I don't let this stuff bother me. Part of the deal. But what the hell. Not a single other boat in sight. Every time I worked away he came in. Crazy!
  7. Hey guys. Looking for some feedback on your wire dipsy rods. Looking to change mine. I see Okuma has some with roller tips. Do you like those tips? Better than Twily tip? Will be using mostly regular size dipsy. Dual use for walleye and salmon. Thanks in advance.
  8. Caught a few in May drifting Erie Dearies. Also caught a few on jigs bass fishing. Have been thinking the same as you.
  9. Had a good morning out of SBH. 3&5 Color on sticks. 12 Keepers by 11:30. Out towards the line. But really marked allot of bait and bigger marks spread over a large area out there. One puked up a nice little perch in the live well.
  10. Decent aftn out behind the windmills. Bottom bouncing 46ft. Finally marked a decent amount of fish. A few guys got into it about fishing close. Man, allot of water and allot of fish out there. No need to crowd each other. It's only a fish. Supposed to be relaxing!
  11. I was in the same boat about erie/ontario today. Launched off olcott this aft. Three Salmon. One skip, two about 8lbs. One decent steelhead while letting line out for downrigger. 125-225. Didn't see allot on the graph. Put down right in front and trolled west.
  12. Got it. That would work. Thanks!
  13. Lodging/Hotels Hello All, Any good recommendations for hotel/lodging in Hamburg/Angola area. Something that can accommodate 19ft boat and charging. Thanks in advance.
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