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  1. Chamberlain releases

    I don't seem to notice it, but tightening down on the rod and quickly setting the hook can't hurt. Along with stickey sharp hooks. To me, the benefits of the light release far outweigh any concerns with poor hook ups.
  2. Chamberlain releases

    The "in-cable" style have a wire through the release, with a closed loop on top and a locking snap on the bottom. The "stacker" style attaches to the cable through a couple of tabs with a friction lock.....http://dev.downriggerrelease.com/ They are best adjusted on the water. There are 2 different release mechanisms. When fishing for walleyes, I set the "fish release" slightly "tighter" than what it takes to release on the lure being towed, and set the manual trip release to whatever your preference is for the rods being used. They are excellent. I can't say enough good things about them. If they're adjusted properly you won't be pulling silver bass or perch around unknowingly.
  3. Bought the Lund 1800 tyee

    Gorgeous.............. what a ride.
  4. https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/res/glcfs/anim.php?lake=e&param=icecon&type=n Lake Erie Ice Cover - She looks pretty locked up! Hopefully, it'll lead to another good year for good spawning conditions and fry survival! I think the "downside" to this will be additional predation pressure on the perch fishery..... https://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.php?region=e&page=1&template=sub&image=a1.18038.1818.LakeErie.143.250m.jpg
  5. Niagara Fishing Show - Perch Seminars

    Attended Joe Fonzi's seminar on Friday night, and thoroughly enjoyed it......... good guy, good fisherman, and good presenter. I've got a feeling that his wife keeps him in line though..............
  6. Guyana Rainforest 2018

    Good Luck Larry ...... be safe.
  7. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all........... Caption that photo........... "I wanted a pony !"
  8. Lake Erie Fall Perch

    1 ft waves tomorrow...... anybody heading out?
  9. Perch Perch Fishing

    Last trip was on I-Bay a little over 2 weeks ago...... kept 30.
  10. Tipps for shed hunting

    My experience is they are where you find them. There's been no rhyme or reason. Of course bedding to food and back are the best places to look. Some guys build shed traps when the time is right, and the really serious guys train their dogs to retrieve them.
  11. Lund or crestliner.

    On a flat lake, I agree....... on big water, with a rough lake, in an aluminum boat, hull design can make a huge difference.
  12. Lake Erie Fall Perch

    The problem now is finding a flat lake to get out on.
  13. Lake Erie Fall Perch

    Perhaps my experience isn't typical, but when I've been striking out and try an area with a bunch of boats, it never helps my catch. I'm better off like you lineman, and looking for a school by myself. The fish I got yesterday were definitely moving through. Most of the day, I would see small groups of fish come and go.
  14. Yesterday, while perch fishing out of the Catt, there were a couple guys on the radio who were obviously walleye fishing, and their reports were thin. Sounded like a struggle for the 2 or 3 fish they had. But, there were definitely boats leaving the harbor all day, running out to fish for walleye.
  15. Lake Erie Fall Perch

    I also fished off the Catt, and took a limit out of 63 fow. Beautiful day out there today. Probably my last Erie trip this season.