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  1. Heading over from Rochester tomorrow to fish for perch. Any advice or recent reports would be appreciated.
  2. My experience is that it depends on where you're fishing(how far off shore) and the time of year, but in general S, SE, ESE wind will be the most favorable for lake conditions, but they're not always conducive to the best fishing. The lake shoreline is oriented roughly SW - NE, so any wind with a W component will build.
  3. What settings do you use on the diver when running 2 per side?
  4. http://www.glfc.org/2019-lake-committee-videos.php lots of very good stuff here............
  5. Cheeze....... I have been running Garmin units and don't have any data on their customer service. Seems I never need it.
  6. Thanks Mr. We recently caught some perch in a lake Ontario bay in 50 FOW at 40F. When small ones are released, you can see them (on the graph) go straight to the bottom. They never appear back on the surface over the course of the 2 hours that we are there. So I don't know if they live 5 minutes, or 5 hours, or a normal lifetime, and I was wondering if there was any data out there at colder temps. Perhaps temp has no effect, perhaps it does. Very few of these "cold water caught" fish suffer from bleeding gills, that I see on perch harvested from similar depths at warmer temperatures, and that also may or may not be temperature related.
  7. The intent of my original post was not to complain about the behavior of anglers, or solicit those types of comments. Please open another thread for that. I'm interested in data concerning the release of perch and the effects of barotrauma on perch caught in deep water, and the effects of temperature on their survival.
  8. The flyer mentioned a "barotrauma on perch" discussion. TL356, were there any memorable points made in that presentation? Specifically, I'm interested in the barotrauma impact on perch, with respect to water temperature. Do they have a better chance of surviving if caught in cold (<45F) water or through the ice? Thanks.
  9. I'd seen a flyer for a "State of the Lake" type meeting that was to be held at the Southtowns Walleye Association Club House last night.......... The meeting location was too far to travel, but I'd be interested in reading the information if anyone has a link to the presentations, or has a name at the New York Sea Grant to contact to get the presentation info...... Anybody go the the meeting? Any big "take aways" from the meeting?
  10. Welcome PC! I also grew up in Erie........ Lower West Side, and live in the Rochester area now. Erie's a great fishery!
  11. Welcome aboard Booner............... Great site, we just need things to thaw out a little.
  12. Boats everywhere will be "endangered" today.............. I'm just hoping no trees fall on my boat! Or my house, but that's an afterthought......
  13. you might try spraying skunk cover scent on it.......... There's a chance it'll smell better!
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