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  1. I have the stacker version, and it's as nice as the "regular" one....... The only comment is that it works fine on "normal" downrigger cable, but does not work on coated cable (for Depthraider).
  2. We had fatheads, and that was all we used...... also had salted, but never went to them.
  3. after a limit of walleyes yesterday, out of the Catt, we went on a perch search, and in 4 hours, found 2 different locations that held some fish. We wound up with 50ish fish, but some of the fish from the first location in 65 fow were absolute beasts, 13+". Spitting up gobies.
  4. I've wondered the same thing wojo....... Off Erie Pa. the lake is similar in depth to SP and the Catt, and they target perch all summer...???
  5. I imagine it's a pretty "tough spot" for Gander and others to be in........ There's just not enough hunting and fishing foot traffic to support a brick and morter H/F store. Prior to the internet, it was easier to count on locals to do some amount of business in your store, but now it's way easier to click through your order........ you can always find exactly what you want (assuming you know), it takes 5X less time to order, and it's delivered to your door........ Tough to compete with that. The only downside is you need to plan a little better to have the items when you need them.
  6. Pretty much the same Catt report as the reports above except we spent our time in 90 - 95 fow....... and constant fish on the screen. miles of fish. What concerns me is the lack of bait...... I don't think we marked one pod of bait........ They are all nerved up about alewives on Ontario. Is anyone concerned about these 2 year classes of walleyes eating Lake Erie out of bait?
  7. my current boat is a 2015 Crestliner Commander and I like the room it offers, the trailerability, and the ability to handle water.... nice high gunwales .... 115 Merc 4 stroke with a Merc 9.9 ProKicker.....I can't speak for the Lunds, but I love the Crestliner. I've owned a Starcraft Islander 191V, and a Trophy 2052........ Each boat offers a little something different, but at this point in my life, the Commander is perfect.
  8. Sweet video............ What do you look for as a typical staging area? Depth? Structure? Flow from a local river/creek?
  9. Chamberlains are the way to go..... As for weights and cable blowback, 12lb weights or heavier, and torpedo design have worked well.
  10. We got hit by a water spout 25 years(some things just leave an impression) ago on Lake Ontario while fishing in a 19 ft Islander.... the wind went from 15 to 50 in about 2 seconds, lasted for 10 seconds, and went back to 15. Hats got blown off, stuff was blowing around the boat..... I had to give it more throttle to keep control of the boat.....so all the riggers popped off... what a mess.
  11. Can you set a #1 with a #3 Magnum already deployed? Can you set a #3 Magnum with a #1 already deployed?
  12. Black Divers, Size 1 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/232907830_Movement_of_Walleyes_in_Lakes_Erie_and_St_Clair_Inferred_from_Tag_Return_and_Fisheries_Data Speaking of tags........Lots to digest here..... The fish I referenced above had one of the monel jaw tags.
  13. Back in the late 80's we got a fish off Presque Isle state park in Erie Pa. that had a Michigan metal tag on it's lower jaw. It had been tagged as a 3 year old in Lake St. Clair, 3 years prior to catching it.
  14. Fished out of SP yesterday boating 15 walleye, and boxing 8. We fished 58 - 65 FOW. Nothing stood out as a big producer. We took fish on sticks, spoons, and harnesses, off the wire divers, riggers and 9 and 10 color lead core. Very defined thermocline down 60. Temps went from 72 F at 58 ft to 60F at 62..... and fish were sitting on top of the cold water. We marked some very large schools of perch and got 3 of them while trolling...... Few junk fish... 3 silver bass....... No sheepshead. We'll probably get 20 next time.
  15. We fished SP today, and boated 15 fish....... 7 of which made it to the cooler. We also dropped 3 on the way to the boat. Not much trash..... 2 sheep, 1 sliver.....Not many fish on the graph, and the fish we marked were within 10' of bottom. There was quite a bit of bait 20 - 35 down, and I ran a 5 color for a while but it took no fish. Almost all fish came on harnesses off the riggers close to the bottom but a couple came on a spoons on the wire divers out 185 to 200. We spent most of the day in 68 - 74 fow. 1.4 -1.6 mph on the Depth Raider. Down temp where we were was 71 + / - 1 F. Watermelon did alot of work.........