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J. Sparrow

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  1. very good advice.............
  2. J. Sparrow

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    It's been blowing like hell for about a week now........... I can't imagine any new reports would be coming in. And the worse news is that the forecast doesn't have fishable conditions through the weekend and into next week.
  3. J. Sparrow

    Perch Looking for perch

    60 million walleye can eat a little bait..................
  4. J. Sparrow


    Thanks for the report!
  5. J. Sparrow


    Warrior flutter spoons...... in perch and gobie ...... they have always treated me well.
  6. J. Sparrow

    Hot walleye lures 2018

    There are so many fish out there, it's the lures that don't have a chance!
  7. J. Sparrow


    Walleyes, Steelhead, and Lake Trout...... all on a 9 color lead core with a bomber shallow stick. We did manage a 2 person limit of walleyes today with 3 steelhead and a 14 lb laker. Great weather and fishing, but today it was important to stay above the cold water.
  8. The volume of the Huron river is pretty small when compared to the Detroit or Maumee. So if the contaminants are associated with just that river basin, the effects are probably negligible. If the contaminants are more widespread, then it's a valid concern depending on the concentrations. More to come..............
  9. J. Sparrow

    Fuel question

    Nothing but non-ethanol fuel for my outboards....... 115 and 9.9.
  10. J. Sparrow

    Grilled Walleye Marinade

    Hey Cisco............ T = tablespoon t = teaspoon and I'm sure there are plenty of good adders/experiments out there to try......... basil? oregano?
  11. J. Sparrow

    Grilled Walleye Marinade

    My favorite is 3 T Olive Oil 2 T Soy Sauce 3 T Brown Mustard 2 minced garlic cloves black pepper to taste Whisk all together, and reserve some for drizzling over the cooked fish..... Marinate the fish in the mixture for at least 3 hours then grill turning 1x. Great for Walleye or Salmon.
  12. J. Sparrow

    The mighty Niagara 2018

    very nice............. thanks.
  13. J. Sparrow


    12 fish out of the Catt today in 80 FOW +. Literally everything took fish ..... sticks off a 7 and 9 colors, spoons off divers, and harnesses off the riggers....... very nice day and great fishing. one 26" fish, and the rest were the the '13 and '14 year class fish........
  14. J. Sparrow


    After 12 walleyes today, we looked for perch out of the Catt, and didn't find any....... perhaps I was looking too shallow, as we didn't venture deeper than 59 fow. for kicks, I dropped the probe and found 63 F water on the bottom in 59. There was a 6 degree break down 50, and fish were piled up on that break........ sheepies...... lots of them but not a single perch.
  15. J. Sparrow

    Casting for Eastern Basin Walleyes

    That's encouraging. I think it works well in the Western Basin because fish density can be so high. With the large numbers of fish in our end right now it might be another successful tactic.