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  1. I do use sliders, but exclusively for Trout and Salmon on Ontario. Walleyes are notoriously boat shy, and I don't think many walleyes would take a bait that close to the boat. For T&S, I run roughly 8' leads and always run spoons, never stick baits. A stick bait would have a tendency to dive down the main line depending on the size of the bill on the stick, unless you fix the slider to the main with a rubber band or other device.
  2. I went out of the Catt today with my wife........ we wound up with 20 perch and 5 walleye. We fished for perch until about 10:30, and then hunted walleyes until about 2. Walleyes came on 4 color, 5 color, rigger(45) and wire diver(95)....... mostly harnesses, but one on a stickbait. East in 65 fow showed the best picture. Seemed like the active fish were up high, but we charted fish on the bottom too.Really nice day.
  3. When this bite turns on, the fishing is going to be insane.
  4. We fished for walleyes between SP and the Catt from about noon to 4 and wound up with 3 walleyes( 8, 4, 3 lb.)...... all on harnesses. 60ish FOW, 1.4 - 1.8 mph at the ball....... 2 on the riggers at 40 - 55, and one on the diver out 130........... I think we could have had a better box, but we wasted the morning looking for some active perch..... we found them, but they didn't want goldies..... wish we would have had some emeralds.
  5. I've seen them since the late 80's......... nothing new, and nothing to worry about.
  6. Anyone ever do well fishing the Lower for perch? Suggestions?
  7. Heading over from Rochester tomorrow to fish for perch. Any advice or recent reports would be appreciated.
  8. My experience is that it depends on where you're fishing(how far off shore) and the time of year, but in general S, SE, ESE wind will be the most favorable for lake conditions, but they're not always conducive to the best fishing. The lake shoreline is oriented roughly SW - NE, so any wind with a W component will build.
  9. What settings do you use on the diver when running 2 per side?
  10. http://www.glfc.org/2019-lake-committee-videos.php lots of very good stuff here............
  11. Cheeze....... I have been running Garmin units and don't have any data on their customer service. Seems I never need it.
  12. Thanks Mr. We recently caught some perch in a lake Ontario bay in 50 FOW at 40F. When small ones are released, you can see them (on the graph) go straight to the bottom. They never appear back on the surface over the course of the 2 hours that we are there. So I don't know if they live 5 minutes, or 5 hours, or a normal lifetime, and I was wondering if there was any data out there at colder temps. Perhaps temp has no effect, perhaps it does. Very few of these "cold water caught" fish suffer from bleeding gills, that I see on perch harvested from similar depths at warmer temperatures, and that also may or may not be temperature related.
  13. The intent of my original post was not to complain about the behavior of anglers, or solicit those types of comments. Please open another thread for that. I'm interested in data concerning the release of perch and the effects of barotrauma on perch caught in deep water, and the effects of temperature on their survival.
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