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  1. J. Sparrow

    Casting for Eastern Basin Walleyes

    That's encouraging. I think it works well in the Western Basin because fish density can be so high. With the large numbers of fish in our end right now it might be another successful tactic.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone ever tries drifting / casting weight forward spinners or mayfly rigs for walleye in NY water?........ seems with so many fish around, it might be a fun experiment. Anybody ever try it? It used to be the popular method in the Western basin, but I've never seen it done here............
  3. J. Sparrow

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    that is NOT an atlantic. We took a 2 man limit of walleye out of SP yesterday. 5 and 7 color cores off the boards, and riggers did most of the damage....... 50 - 65 fow. Depth didn't seem to matter much. We also took a steelhead on a spoon behind a wire diver.......Mostly harnesses, and sticks. very nice day.
  4. J. Sparrow

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    We put in a pretty long day yesterday to box 11 fish out of sp. good fishing, but not great. 5 and 7 color cores with stickbaits worked early, and once the S wind died it got tougher and the bite was pretty much all harnesses. mostly cores and riggers..... 55 to 65 fow.
  5. J. Sparrow

    Worried about.so many skinny walleye

    Welcome aboard........... I think you're spot on.........
  6. J. Sparrow

    The Catt.

    Beautiful! The tail looks sort of like a "fantail"........... or am I imagining that? Dorsal and Anal fins have that look too.......
  7. J. Sparrow

    Berkley power bait and worm harness

    Never tried them.
  8. J. Sparrow

    fishing Bellwood lake

    I'm thinking he meant Belwood Eh?
  9. J. Sparrow

    North east pa

    hot weather = rising water temp + Ohio fish. It might take a few days, but you'll be "on fire" soon.......
  10. If I launch from Hanover Town Launch at 6, and load at 2, is it really a problem?
  11. J. Sparrow


    Fished Monday with a buddy and we took 35 perch, and 9 walleye pretty much straight out front of the Catt..... 4 and 5 color lead core with silver/blue, silver black sticks did the most damage, and harnesses took a couple. We fished deep, 80+ fow.
  12. I always fish wire divers set on 2.5 or 3. Then let them out slowley until they hit the bottom, and reel them back in 10 feet if fish are on the bottom. If you are marking fish up off the bottom, reel them in a littlel more. They run deeper or shallower depending on speed and current, so distance out isn't the same unless the situation is identical, and it rarely is from day to day. Don't be afraid to make your leader from the diver to the lure longer, rather than shorter....... we often handline the fish to the net. With fish on the small side, it's not difficult.
  13. J. Sparrow


    I fished a solo trip out of the Catt yesterday and took a limit of walleye in 55 - 65 fow.. probably just as many shorts. 3 on harnesses and 3 on spoons, wire divers and riggers....... but the junk fish on the worms were relentless....... 1.8 mph. Lots of fish on the screen, but many schools of silver bass and/or white perch too. I had some time to perch fish after, and found a group of cooperative fish in 58 fow....... a little wet at times, but a great day to be out.
  14. Things change quickly out there, but I saw very little bait or fish on Myers on Saturday....... fished there for about 2 hours and made our way east.
  15. J. Sparrow

    Sturgeon point

    I did make the trip to Lake Erie , but fished out of the Catt yesterday and struggled...... tried from just slightly west of the creek to just the other side of Evangola from 45 to 65 fow..... probably made a dozen different stops. Never really marked alot of fish and when I did, I wasn't catching them. No emeralds at Miller's, but they had goldens.....beautiful day. flat lake...... lots of Eastbound current, probably .5 mph.