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  1. Jim, I've run a Garmin 93SV for a few years now and like it. it is paired with a gt-52hw-tm transducer. There are newer transducers offered now. The touch screen is a great feature IMO. I like the quick removal feature for the display also. I troll for walleyes and live bait perch fish, and find that it performs fine in those applications. it's intuitive to use and won't take too long to figure out. The one thing I don't like is the mapping that comes standard with the unit....... it is not accurate for depth.
  2. I added the snap weights to the leader section, at the junction of fluoro leader and the lead core.
  3. We launched well before sunrise and took a 2 man limit out of SP yesterday. 50 - 60 fow was the zone for us. Sticks on 7-8 colors were good early, and then we added 2 oz inline weights to those to keep taking fish, but the sticks cooled off and harnesses improved. Divers and riggers were quiet early but improved as the day went along. Good quality fish, but no fish over 6 lbs. Lots of boat traffic........ but you wouldn't think so based on reports......
  4. My thoughts and prayers for Fred and his family.........
  5. Good luck with the "new" boat......... I think that you'll enjoy her. I went from a midsized fiberglass boat to an 18 foot aluminum and love it. Portability, and the option to launch/load it solo is the main reason for my change. Keep us posted on your adventures in her....... and have fun in florida......I'd melt down there.
  6. Made my first trip(solo) of the year to Erie, and it was a GRIND...... wound up with 5, mostly from 60 to 64 fow. But there were few marks on the screen and even fewer takers. harnesses with gold did the damage off one rigger and 2 diver rods....... Nice quality fish though. Every one had an MT stomach.
  7. fished out of the Catt yesterday and could only manage 2 eyes. trolled 2 5 color cores and 4 diver rods with a variety of sticks, spoons, and worm burners............ nice day to be out........ gas prices suck.
  8. I think you can still have decent catches. Last year at this time, we were still having success...... 50 - 60 perch. Because of gas prices, I haven't been making the trip as often as last year. My last trip to the Catt was about 3 weeks ago, and we boated 43. So it's worthwhile for sure, and probably more productive than fishing for walleyes during the daylight hours......... at least for me it is.
  9. Good Luck JF! Hope you have a successful and safe season on the water.......
  10. Merry Christmas Boys .................. Can't wait for the 2022 @ the Catt thread!
  11. as an afterthought........... 19 of the perch were females...... and there were many decent marks that went through my screen at 20 to 40 feet down.... so many that I rigged a slip float with a couple minnows set at 30 down, but it didn't' take a hit...... damn! carry-on......
  12. I made a solo trip and fished the better part of the day for 21...... some real nice fish, but I really didn't find a school to work on until late in the day. Made the trip out of my smaller aluminum boat, as my trolling boat is winterized..... think I'm done till spring, but you never know..... Keep warm, keep safe.
  13. Anybody know if the docks are still in at the Hanover launch?
  14. Back, and Yellowpike .......... what depth of water did you find fish at, and how deep did most of your fish come?
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