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  1. When do they pull the docks from the Hanover launch? Weather has been terrible.
  2. It's a "strategic location" , and you hate to see it fill in and go unused. With roughly 25 miles as the gull flies between the Catt and Buffalo, there's a safety component to a marina in that location that shouldn't be ignored. As anglers and boaters, the more noise we can make to the local politicians, the better.
  3. The 1oz snap weight was probably above the fish...…...
  4. what fishmaster said...… you're letting the diver out too fast. I set mine by backing the drag off and letting them slowly "click" their way out to the depth I'm looking for. When they get to that depth, I increase the drag until the drag barely holds them from clicking out more. Often when a fish hits them, the reel will click and alert you to the hit.
  5. We took a 2 man limit out of the Catt today..... Very rough early. Same story as above, 10 colors with sticks did the damage although we did get 2 of the last 3 on harnesses on the riggers. Lots of barren water out there today, but when we marked fish we caught fish. Spent our time in 75 - 90 fow, but most productive area was around 80 fow. Divers were mysteriously silent, no matter what I put behind them.
  6. I'm sure the lakers relate more to temp than depth. If you have a probe, go to 100 fow, drop it to the bottom and see what the temp is. You're probably looking for low 50's for a down temp..... keep going deeper until you find it. You might also see the thermocline on your graph https://webapp.navionics.com/#[email protected]&key=krkbGj~yeN Canadian line = 180ish......???
  7. My wife and I had another good day out of the Catt yesterday, fishing between there and Dunkirk in 75 - 80 fow. Riggers with harnesses did the most damage. 10 colors and sticks also produced, but not as much. There's an east component to the forecasted wind through Sunday. I fear that's gonna change things a little.
  8. I tie the fluoro leader directly to the diver, and put a snap swivel on the lure end of the leader. At the end of the day, I wrap the leader around the diver. But, you have to check the leader for damage between trips, and replace it when it gets knicked up, and it will. Replacing them every trip or every other trip is pretty normal for me, especially for kings. No leader difference for harnesses, spoons, or sticks in my boat.
  9. We got a 2 man limit yesterday N of the Catt in 75 - 80 fow. Sticks and lead-core (10 colors) worked well. We had the best luck finding some cooler water (68 - 70F) down 65 feet. Mass Confusion Colorado harnesses on the riggers and purple bay rats on the cores.
  10. Thanks for the instructions...…. sure looks simple, but I know I'll have to reference this post a bunch of times!
  11. What depth of water did you fish Garry? I was hoping to make an attempt this weekend.
  12. I have........ but I religiously check leaders for nicks and abrasions, and replace them at any sign of damage. I feel that the lighter leader material lets spoons have better action in the water, and it results in more fish. For Kings on Ontario, upsize leaders to 15 to 20, but still check them often. They probably get replaced 1x per trip. Mr. 580....... I need to try slide divers.
  13. Run them on 2 1/2 or 3 and use longish leaders...…. 8 - 10'. I like fluoro leaders, 8 - 10 lb test. They will produce. I typically don't run sticks on them, just spoons and harnesses. Warrior flutter spoons, or little warriors are becoming my go to.
  14. I fished with my daughter today out of the Catt, and we wound up with 8 walleyes from about 6 til noon. We fished 80 - 90 fow, and there was a pretty strong temperature break about 60 feet down. Most of our fish came on spoons off the wire divers set back 200, or off the riggers at 65 with harnesses...…. the first 2 fish came on 7 color cores with sticks. And that was it for the cores...… We never really marked a lot of fish, and just picked away at them all day, but I don't think we boated a fish after 10:30. Only 2 of the 8 had anything in their stomachs, and the contents were smaller smelt...… from what I could tell....
  15. I guess I'll be a bad guy too...… this is your second post...…. You've never posted one report to help anyone else. Thanks for all the insight on your great box yesterday.
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