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  1. Damn..... hope you figure them out soon and have a great season! And if we don't remember in a few weeks...... happy 75th birthday!
  2. Does anyone know if the launch at SP was open for business today?
  3. Nice Report Stoner........... thanks.
  4. We boated 55 perch today out of the Catt ....... beautiful day to spend on the water. 58 fow was the best for us.
  5. We worked pretty hard for 37 perch today out of the Catt ......... just got back to the dock when it started to rain. 53 to 58 fow.
  6. Pretty good perchin out of the Catt today..... 53 to 60 fow......and the rain stayed away.......
  7. To have a resource like Lake Erie, and a facility like the marina at Sturgeon Point..... and have that all go stagnant is unforgivable. The local politicians should be embarrassed beyond their terms. They should be replaced for allowing this to happen.
  8. Lake Erie Latitudes and Longitudes (lake-erie-fishing.com) I'm not certain D Maas, but look over this information in this link ....... it's probably the buoys referenced here. The information is for the Western end of Erie and I fish the Eastern (NY) waters
  9. Beautiful Bucks! How about some details of the adventure?
  10. Hoping to be retired next year, and I'll be able to take advantage of the perch bite more often!
  11. When do they pull the docks from the Hanover launch? Weather has been terrible.
  12. It's a "strategic location" , and you hate to see it fill in and go unused. With roughly 25 miles as the gull flies between the Catt and Buffalo, there's a safety component to a marina in that location that shouldn't be ignored. As anglers and boaters, the more noise we can make to the local politicians, the better.
  13. The 1oz snap weight was probably above the fish...…...
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