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  1. Page 2, Paragraph 2............... Blue Pike? Somebody know something I don't?
  2. Millions of walleyes can put a hurtin' on the baitfish in the lake.........and smaller perch. That being said, we did get some smaller perch today.
  3. Today, we fished slightly East of the Catt in 64 - 78 fow and took a 2 man limit, but it was mostly chicken wing Warrior spoons off the wire divers for us today. When the wind died, it got tough, and took 90 minutes to get the final 2. There were fewer marks than a week ago, in pretty much the same water...... We took a few on harnesses on the riggers, but they didn't produce for me today like they have all season. 1.8 on the Depth Raider seemed to be fine. I don't think we saw a mark above 55 ft. We also went through a group of 13 - 14" fish that snapped up everything............. good to see a some fish from a different year class than we have been catching all summer......
  4. My wire divers never trip on fish, but seeing that you have a fish on is typically pretty obvious. I'd never even considered that it could be an issue................ Manually tripping them from the boat is no problem. Hoping for a trip on Sunday.
  5. NIce day out of the Catt ....... fished solo, and took a quick limit of walleyes. Fished 68 - 80 fow, and there were more marks in 68 than 80..... riggers at 65, and divers out 210 with harnesses were the best. 1.5 - 1.7 on the depth raider. Pink harness and watermellon/copper back seemed to produce the most fish...... but to be honest I hardly changed any baits today.
  6. NIce looking spoon.............what color is the back?
  7. 10%, you are indeed in the top 10%! Good Karma to you!
  8. I believe the rule of thumb is 1 oz for every 10 feet of depth........
  9. Chamberlains are the way to go for walleyes. When set properly, they will pop on silver bass, and even perch.........I love them.
  10. What is the deepest you can get a tru-trip to dive and do you feel they dive to the advertised depth? And have you ever added inline weights ahead of the TT to try to reach deeper than the advertised depth?
  11. Another good day yesterday out of SP. Pretty much the same stuff as Friday, except we took fewer fish up high on the lead cores. 18 fish by 9:45. All fish but one on harnesses. Pink was good, as was gold........
  12. Today's fishing out of SP was very good. I don't think we ever saw 60 fow. We spent most of our time in 55 - 58 fow. The workhorses today were watermellon harnesses on divers, out 150. but we also got fish on 4 and 5 color cores with sticks..... and harnesses on the riggers also took a few. We wound up with 12 fish, and 2 more that were released when clearing lines....... We never caught a sheepie or a silver bass..... all walleyes....... biggest fish was 24". At times, the screen was insane with fish. We got our 12th right around 9AM...... Silly Good Fishing.
  13. I do use sliders, but exclusively for Trout and Salmon on Ontario. Walleyes are notoriously boat shy, and I don't think many walleyes would take a bait that close to the boat. For T&S, I run roughly 8' leads and always run spoons, never stick baits. A stick bait would have a tendency to dive down the main line depending on the size of the bill on the stick, unless you fix the slider to the main with a rubber band or other device.
  14. I went out of the Catt today with my wife........ we wound up with 20 perch and 5 walleye. We fished for perch until about 10:30, and then hunted walleyes until about 2. Walleyes came on 4 color, 5 color, rigger(45) and wire diver(95)....... mostly harnesses, but one on a stickbait. East in 65 fow showed the best picture. Seemed like the active fish were up high, but we charted fish on the bottom too.Really nice day.
  15. When this bite turns on, the fishing is going to be insane.
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