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  1. You'll catch plenty of walleyes in September, but the problem becomes weather related as a flat lake can be difficult to come by...…. Dunkirk and Barcelona are better for me later in the season.
  2. huh? Do you eat any freshwater fish? Any fish at all?
  3. Very thorough report ws6rufus...….. thanks.
  4. Garry ……… There were quite a few boats out trolling walleyes, and from the dock talk, it sounded like 3 - 4 fish was about average for a morning trip. Our 2 hour attempt at walleyes wasn't exactly prime time.... 11 am to 1 pm.... In the 2 hours of trolling, we didn't mark tons of fish.....
  5. My wife and I managed 46 perch this morning, and then fished for walleyes from 11 - 1 and never moved a rod. We did mark fish in 60 fow, mostly 40 - 50 down. The surface temps were around 65 F, with temp on the bottom in 60 fow, at 52 F...…… Beautiful day. Picked up our bait from Millers, but all that is available right now is fatheads...… All in all, great day.
  6. What did you have for surface temps or down temps?
  7. One option is to troll "S" patterns if traffic permits. That'll speed up your outside boards and slow the inside, raising and lowering baits....... Many times those changes will trigger strikes.
  8. perch fishing, not so good today...…. we struggled. We did mark fish, but struggled to get them to go. Having only fatheads probably didn't help us any.
  9. For $15 / launch, I'll be donating enough! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they are going to be open, but do think they are gouging us.
  10. My wife and I fished from 7 - 11:30 on Friday the 22th and got 26 perch . 55 - 60 fow. Surface temp was right around 50F. It was a slow pic the entire morning. Beautiful day though.
  11. Looks like a nice installation, and it's probably at a better working height with the reels away from the bow rail.
  12. welcome to the board. Good luck, and keep safe.....
  13. It's hard to believe that elected officials can let this persist. I'm sure Lake Erie boating generates millions of dollars of income for Erie County small business ….. you name it..... boat sales, corner stores, gas stations, tourism dollars, bait sales, launch fees, dock fees, restaurants, motels ..... I just don't get it. If the Sturgeon Point marina is constructed such that annual dredging is needed, how is there not funds available to do so? It's the one thing that should be funded to ensure $'s keep flowing into the local community. Why isn't the local small business community up in arms? Also, if the SP launch marina is not available, what's that going to do to the launch traffic at SBH and the Catt? At a time when we'll be trying to keep apart launch conditions will force a higher concentrations of people launching boats. I live in Monroe county, bought my most recent boat from a dealer in Derby, make 15 trips per year to Lake Erie for perch and walleyes...… buying bait and tackle and gas and munchies local to where ever I launch...… I don't understand how local business aren't fuming over this. Local officials need to be replaced...……. Sure seems nuts to me that they haven't been already.
  14. anybody know if Millers is selling bait? Are Emeralds available there?
  15. God Bless you Mr. Brown. I hope you can fish for at least another 10 years. Stay Safe.
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