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  1. Walleyes can survive in oxygen levels at 3 - 5 mg/L, and can tolerate less than that for short periods of time. The current bottom O2 levels in the eastern basin are in the neighborhood of 7 - 11 mg/L, so it's probably not the O2 levels that are keeping the walleyes suspended, it's probably temperature.
  2. I think there's plenty of O2 below the thermocline off the Catt and Dunkirk to support fish. We marked bait (smelt?) and fish (trout?) below the thermocline on Friday..... and plenty of target fish (walleyes) and some bait were marked above it.... I don't know that a thermocline "breaks"..... I believe it more or less undulates under the blanket of warmer water sitting on top of the cold water. If the wind piles up the warm water in one direction, the colder water gets squeezed somewhere by the thickening layer of warmer water on top. It's hard for me to visualize exactly how it happens for a given wind direction, but on Ontario and Erie an E and NE wind sure makes it happen.......to the point where on Ontario, the sudden drop in temperature can kill warm water species....... and often on Ontario when it happens warm water species (particularly bass) wind up in high concentrations at the creek mouths or just inside...... can be some very good fishing for them then.
  3. backinthegame pretty much nailed my day........... beautiful weather, and good fishing. Solo limit, split between harnesses on a rigger, bay rats on the 10 color, and stingers on the diver....... 70 to 80 fow. For me, they didn't jump in the boat...... it took some time and coaxing but it was a beautiful day, with no place to be!!!!
  4. I think there are lots of good options, and you'll get lots of opinions........ I've been shooting a Weatherby Vanguard in .300 WM for 30 years, with a Leupold vari-x 3, 3.5 - 10 and been very happy with it ..... but I will admit that I've never had any intention of shooting any animal at 1000 yards. Ranges where I hunt for elk are typically 50 - 400 yards.... I'd recommend finding a premium bullet that you are comfortable with. Currently, I'm shooting a 165 gr. Hornady Interbond, but I've handloaded Nosler Partitions, Hornady Interlocks, and Winchester Failsafes from 150 to 180 grains. You'll have to shoot them to find a recipe your gun likes. For my gun, Hornady bullets have given me the best accuracy over a variety of weights. Your gun may like something altogether different. I've always handloaded for accuracy, versus velocity, and for my gun it seems like that is never max velocity for a given powder/bullet weight combo. 2020 Montana late season public land bull taken with the 165 gr Interbonds..... about 40 yards from where the bullet hit him.
  5. Had the pleasure of hosting the Ciscokid on my boat yesterday out of the Catt........ not fast and furious, but we managed 10 in the boat, with 3 or 4 lost and a half dozen shorts. Lots of marks. We fished 65 to 85 fow, and took fish on 10 color cores with natural colored sticks, harnesses (orange was good) off the riggers, and a perch colored scorpion stinger off a wire diver..... Of the 5 fish I cleaned, 4 stomachs were empty, and one had 4 half digested small baitfish..... emeralds if I had to guess.......
  6. took a 1 man limit out of the Catt today...... lots of marks, lots of boats... 3 on sticks on a 10 color off a big board, and 3 on harnesses off the riggers......... fished from low 70's to high 80's..... fish were suspended 50 to 70 down...... rigger fish came from 53 to 76 down.... speed was 1.8 to 2.0...... out front, to a little west.
  7. 1.8 - 2.2 ...... I like to fish them behind divers....... another good spoon for me has been warriors..... flutters, little warriors, and XL's...... Warrior makes good colorado blades and willow leafs too!
  8. we have caught them on everything from stinger scorpion (2 1/4") to NK 28's (3 3/4")..... I think it's a match the hatch thing.....
  9. Thanks for the report PD.....The other day, out of the Catt, I saw some very cold water on the bottom..... and tried to keep baits just above it. It sucks to loose a cannonball, but at least there wasn't a probe on it.....
  10. Got a solo limit out of the Catt today in 76 - 80 fow.... all on harnesses. wire diver out 200 on 2.5 and a 10 color core off a big board. Silver Spin n Glow harness took 3. beautiful day. lots of boats got fish today, but not huge numbers that I spoke with.....
  11. I don't have any theories, but the mayfly hatch theory intrigues me........ Are there still large numbers of insect "carcasses" floating on the surface? In the western basin, they utilize "weapon rigs" to imitate mayflies. Last year I tied up a couple and ran them behind divers. On the very first deployment, within 30 seconds, we had a walleye..... and I was thinking "yes! I finally figured something out!"..... well, I trolled that rig for the next 3 hours and never took another fish....... I ran them several more times last season, with very limited success. On one of my 2 trips this year, I BB'd a weapon rig when we were seeing insect carcasses on the surface.... and although I took hits, I never brought any walleyes in the boat with the weapon rig. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make as many trips to Erie this season as last...... and without the guys who contribute here, I would have no information at all..... so thanks to everyone who is willing to share their trip information. I was hoping to make a trip tomorrow, but as "luck" would have it I've got wood to split...............
  12. also, there's a sizable plume of mud coming out of the Catt, West past Dunkirk..... but there's a clear water slice inside of the plume. We fished inside.......
  13. Fished Dunkirk today and never moved a rod. Ran W out of the harbor about 7 miles and fished back to port, looking in 45 to 85 fow....... marked alot of bait and not many fish until getting back in front of the port. Then just a little E of port in 60 - 65 fow there were many fish from 40 to the bottom, with the majority at about 52 down. I though for sure when we saw those fish ( without much bait) we'd at least take a few.......... Notta. Harnesses, flutter spoons, sticks, wire divers, riggers, 4 color, 7 color....... nothing. Just a waste of $100 in gas.............
  14. USGS Current Conditions for USGS 04213500 CATTARAUGUS CREEK AT GOWANDA NY Looks like the Catt peaked yesterday at over 20,000 CFS! And an area between Gowanda and Springville got over 7 inches of rain in the past 72 hours. Nuts.............. back on July 11, she was running at 300 CFS.......
  15. We also had traditional chirp returns up high on Tuesday in the same area. I think it was mostly bait, but I'm positive they weren't fish. I had a second sonar unit(Panoptix) on board Tuesday to compliment traditional chirp, and the Panoptix never showed fish up high, off the sides of the boat. We also saw a lot of insect "carcasses" floating on the surface....... I'm not sure if they were from mayflies or from what type of insects, but some of those returns could have been insects coming to the surface.
  16. Pretty tough day for us out of SP today. We ran to the line at Pt. Abino, and scanned going East...... not seeing much until about 1 - 2 miles from "the elbow"...... there, we trolled for a couple hours and never took a hit, seeing occasional marks down 45 - 50...... but we did see a few taken BBing. At about 10 we ran back towards the launch, stopping at Myers where we took 2 fish BBing......... so roughly 5 hours for 2 walleyes and a couple sheepies......The marina at SP was like a ghost town. Sad.
  17. One thing to consider is that there is much deeper water off Barcelona and Dunkirk, than say Buffalo and Sturgeon Point. The Western ports offer access to cold water species if you would like to change it up during your trip. While the entire NY portion of Lake Erie offers pretty good walleye fishing in July/August, the cold water off the Western ports holds some pretty good Lake Trout fishing...... with occasional steelhead.
  18. Congratulations and great fishing. Thanks for the report.
  19. Damn..... hope you figure them out soon and have a great season! And if we don't remember in a few weeks...... happy 75th birthday!
  20. Does anyone know if the launch at SP was open for business today?
  21. Nice Report Stoner........... thanks.
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