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  1. I haven't used this a lot but you may like this. Try https://wx.iwindsurf.com this gives a lot of info.
  2. Thanks for the replays I wouldn't mind the camping.
  3. Sounds like a good way to start thanks milt I'll look in to that. Did you ever stay there if so how was it. Thanks
  4. I would like to rent a cottage or maybe a hotel along Lake Erie. It would be nice to get a cottage with a dock. Would be for a couple days to a week. Somewhere along the eastern basin. If you have done this or know someone that has and would like to share your info that would be great. Thanks
  5. Bought a boat last year and didn't get a chance to use it much. This year should be different. I joined LEU to learn about Walleye Fishing. Not new to fishing just Walleye fishing. I;m in western NY so it a couple hours to Erie. I don't mind the drive. Thanks
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