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  1. Depends on the conditions that day. It's about 12 miles. If it's calm figure about 25 to 30 minutes, depending on your speed.
  2. They look in your bilge to see if there is an accumulation of oil. Dirty bilges mean leaks and will get you written up.
  3. If the Town of Evans has no interest in maintaining the marina it's about time to approach the state about making it a state park. What happened to the money that was earmarked for the repair of the breakwall?
  4. This is from the marinas website..... If you are looking for the use of the ramp with the side docks, it will be available as we build. We have put out notices that the ramp is Closed as of April 1 for Mon-Thurs until 3:30 pm each day – open after that time for use each day and all day on Fri-Sat-Sun. The ramp sides are usually the first thing installed as everything else is built off of them. The ramp’s center dock gets installed last. We hope to be clear of the ramp area by April 14. We will still be working on the dock utilities at that point, but there should be no more ramp access restrictions after that date; unless there is a weather event that puts us behind.
  5. Should be able to pull the ice boom anytime....... click on link for satellite image https://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/modis.php?region=e&page=1&template=sub&image=a1.21072.1854.LakeErie.143.250m.jpg
  6. I thought that funds for repair were appropriated last year. This marina has been mismanaged for years. It needs to become the next state park.
  7. Freighters come and go, turbines would be permanent. Some invasive species have not been as harmful as first thought. Perch, walleye, and bass are eating them up. You cannot compare the Gulf in any way to the Great Lakes system. Wayyyy different. Our dependence on foreign power is at an all time low thanks to our President. Right now the US is the number one producer of oil in the whole wide world. Diversion is right on with his post.
  8. My opinion, JoJo you're a no go. Wind turbines DO NOT belong in Lake Erie. They are a bad enough eyesore on land. What qualifies you to state there will be no harm to the fishery?
  9. Keep it simple. Hook, line, and sinker with a piece of worm. Fish the edges of weed beds inside the harbor. Middle gap, south gap near lighthouse, or near the old South End Marina should get you some action. Plenty of panfish in those areas. Good luck!
  10. 12lb fluorocarbon for riggers and dipseys. Haven't a breakoff yet.
  11. Liberal Demoncrats think anyone that does not agree with their agenda is stupider than dirt.
  12. There are cabins at Lake Erie State Park if you can get one. Nice place to stay and close to Dunkirk and Barcelona launches. Check it out... https://parks.ny.gov/parks/129/details.aspx
  13. Jig for perch and you might catch a walleye while you're at it.
  14. That's typical right after ice out. Gotta have your head on a swivel and take it slow.
  15. I was there today. All gone from Safe Harbor and the outer harbor. There isn't much in the lake either. It probably would be all gone from the lake if they pulled the rest of the boom out.
  16. Well said. I totally agree.
  17. He means that the curbing that was causing problems has been cut.
  18. Give Terry Jones a call. Very knowledgeable with a great personality. http://www.1stclass-bass.com/
  19. It would help if you put your location in your request. Lake Erie is a big lake. The Buffalo area has an amazing smallmouth bite.
  20. If they are going to enforce this ridiculous no fishing the docks rule, why don't they start enforcing the ramp rules. Specifically the boat prep area and the launch-retrieve ramps. There is now a designated boat prep area with ample signage, yet you still have people using the top of the ramp for this purpose. Then you have people using the launch dock to retrieve their boat. Not a big problem when it's not busy, but weekends are another story. I had an incident this past summer related to this. Since I'm retired I normally don't do weekends, but my kids don't have that same luxury, so off we went. Got to the prep area and got the boat ready. Proceeded to the launch ramp and backed up to where a boat and two gents were standing. Each launch ramp had the same situation. Now in my mind I believed that they were waiting for the person that parked their vehicle and trailer. Well, within a minute or two, a truck and empty trailer was standing in front of me. It was then I realized what was going on. He tooted his horn to get my attention so I tooted back and waved. So he gets out of his truck and says he needs to retrieve his boat. I proceeded to tell him that this is a launch ramp and "I ain't moving". I decided to take this stand because this is not the first time I've seen this happen. I've complained in the past to marina personnel but nothing ever changed. So after about fifteen minutes they convince this guy to use the retrieve ramp. So I get my boat in the water, park my truck and trailer, and head to the dock. I'm met there by a Manager who went on tell me that we all need to civil. I was civil throughout this whole incident which was not the case for the other party, hurling f-bombs and other obscentities, all this in front of my kids and grandson. To sum it up, enforce all rules equally.
  21. His 2 million dollars have bought him the rights to operate the marina. The boating season is over for the year. His docks are encroaching on the ability of shore fisherman to pursue their sport. The state should step in and require that the docks be pulled when the bating season is over. Keith Pease is nothing but a manager for Safe Harbor Development LLC. Safe Harbor paid a lot of money for the rights to operate the marina. Those rights should not infringe on the people who pay taxes to support the State Park system. Pull the damn docks and let the shore fisherman enjoy what we used to have......nuff said. Check out Safe Harbor website..... http://safeharbormarinas.com/about/ big business at its finest.
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