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  1. Yesterday afternoon (April 26, 2019) I flew into Buffalo airport from the South-West over Lake Erie and was able to get a good view of the ice conditions on the Eastern end of the lake. The ice is clearly dwindling down and now only extends out about half way between Point Abino and Port Colborne on the Canadian side. Not sure on the status of the Ice boom, but it appears to still be in place (or at least in part), as I could see still it connected on the Canadian side just West of the water intake. You can see in the pictures where the ice breakers have been making their way through to break it up. Hard to believe that the Small boat harbor (ahem, I mean Safe Harbor Marina) is supposed to open in five days... I sure hope mother nature is reading these posts, so she remembers to turn up the heat; we've been waiting eight months for this!
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