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  1. fischer

    Spooking fish

    By segmented , do you mean like a 2 core , line in between and then maybe another 2 or core and etc? If so how much line between each cores and what pound test between? I have a 10 core On a reel I hardly use that I could break up that way and get a variety of different cores.
  2. fischer

    Spooking fish

    Thanks guys! One more question is I usually run the dipseys at 3 to 3 1/2. Should I use a 2 setting if I'm also running boards?
  3. fischer

    Spooking fish

    Thanks. Should I run dipseys inside of in line planers?
  4. fischer

    Spooking fish

    I was wondering if anyone runs wire with dipseys on Erie or does it spook the walleye. Also , can you run in-line planers with dipseys or will it tangle up?