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  1. Locoman

    Sturgeon point

    In my opinion, no emeralds no perch. Don't waste your time with goldens. Been at this game along time.
  2. Nice catch. Things will be heating up shortly.
  3. Like Zad said, shallow divers. Depends on size and type of plug but most will get you down 3 to 5 feet. As the water warms add a splitshot or two to get the lure a little deeper.
  4. Locoman

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    Just the news we've been waiting to hear. Thanks for the report.
  5. Sounds like that's what they did Jim
  6. I'll bet a perch fisherman had something to do with the color change.
  7. They did nothing wrong. Read the reg. highlighted in red. Perfectly legal. Ed Ball has been guiding for years and I'm sure he is well aware of the rules. Let's put tis discussion to bed! Transportation of fish is permitted as follows: Fish caught in New York State No more than two days’ legal take of nonsalable fish may be transported unless a permit is obtained from a DEC Regional Office, or the fish are frozen, processed and packaged for storage. Smelt, suckers, alewives, and blueback herring taken by dip nets (Tidal Hudson River Regulations) or angling, and suckers taken by spearing, may be transported overland by motorized vehicle for consumption purposes only. Once those species are transported away from the water body, they may not be transported back to any water body for use as bait. Salable fish may be transported in any number. Baitfish transportation regulations can be found on Baitfish Regulations.
  8. You contributed absolutely nothing with these 2 posts. This site does not suck. Many good fishermen on this site. Better reports will be forthcoming now that the weather has turned nice. Nothing is keeping you here.
  9. Zebra mussels first showed in the early to mid 80's so I don't think this shortage is related to them. I've seen in past years the problem we are having now. I believe it is cyclical as everything else in nature. Just my opinion.......
  10. Hey Jimski, chime in with your thoughts.
  11. Look what happened with the Small Boat Harbor with King Andrew in office. A lot of money has gone in there for much needed improvements. The town of Evans is so cash strapped the marina is not a priority. The boating community deserves better.
  12. If the State could take over the marina maybe things would change for the better.
  13. Locoman

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    If they are indeed dredging you're probably not going to be able to launch until they are finished. Just sayin' from past experience.
  14. Locoman

    Sturgeon Point 2018