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  1. Locoman

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    Took six fish today 10 miles out of Buffalo. 57 FOW close to the line. First line in at 11:38. Last fish boated at 1:28. Renosky purple pink frog on dipsies set at 3 and 110 feet back took five. Rianbow leopard off the rigger took one 35 feet down. Marked fish from 30' to the bottom. Wish this weather pattern wasn't changing. Gonna shake that lake up for a few days.
  2. Locoman

    Special Thanks in Dunkirk

    Always great to hear about people helping others in need. Glad everything worked out for you.
  3. Locoman

    Need your help )

  4. I know where that spot is Ron
  5. Locoman

    New guy

    Welcome aboard.
  6. Locoman

    Like LOU much better then LEU

    Jim, I agree with what you are saying, but if you look at Myfishfinder.com you'll see people from these areas don't report. Especially Ohio. Tight lipped buggers there. We've got a good thing goin' here IMHO.
  7. They could also have had the signs specifying the boat prep area in seven different languages. Some people just don't care. How about the guy who pulls his boat out of the water and stops a the top of the ramp to pull his gear. pull the plug, and apply his straps. Can't fix stupidity or ignorance. So to answer your question about protocol.........there is none.
  8. Locoman

    Like LOU much better then LEU

    Mike M, when you open a forum there is an option you can choose to sort the way the thread opens. For example, go to Open Lake Discussion, on the header that lists the number of pages look to the right and you will see sort by. Click on that and choose the way you want the thread to open. Hope this helps. This site is a great site but has far fewer members than LOU and is much younger.
  9. Locoman

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    Umm...Huh......? Maybe I'm missing something here.......
  10. Locoman

    Sewage spill

    I understand your intent and appreciate your concern. Just don't want you to get in trouble for posting the way you did. I'm with you on the issue.
  11. Locoman

    Sewage spill

    Did you read this before posting?.........Just sayin'
  12. Locoman

    Sunset Shootout

    From Don Rupert......Posted March 15th, Report post Posted March 15 The 2018 Sunset Bay Walleye Shoot Out is set for this July. The main event is Saturday, July 21st. With Big Fish Friday being the 20th. Should we have weather cancellations, we will use Sunday, July 22nd as a blow-day. The Sunset Bay is officially the highest paying one-day walleye shoot out in the country. Teams will be fishing for excess of $150,000.00 is cash and prizes. This event has truly become the Super-Bowl of tournament fishing as we have anglers coming from 14 states to fish the venue. The live weigh in show right on the beach at Cabana Sams provides a fun, exciting and unique look at some of the most amazing walleye fishing anywhere in the world. The weigh in show is open to the public and free of charge. We welcome everyone to come visit the beach for the day and watch the weigh in show (which starts at 4:00 pm) - Cabana Sams / Sunset Bay, New York For anglers/teams wishing to fish the event please contact me at 716.435.4137 or [email protected] We look forward to seeing everyone this summer. Tight Lines, Capt. Don Ruppert
  13. Locoman

    Casting for Eastern Basin Walleyes

    Used to do it a lot back in the eighties. Erie Dearies worked great. Drifting was the norm back then. Trolling was just starting to take off in this area back then.
  14. Locoman


    Eyes are always there...........just gotta find them. Try around Van Buren Point or Brocton Shoal.
  15. Locoman


    Thanks for the report.