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  1. Gobbler

    Perch Perch

    This is the first year I've fished Erie and have heard some great things about the spring and fall perch fishing. Is it too early to try for some perch this weekend? I will be fishing out of SBH. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I think they have a flag up by the restaurant but it should be down by the gas pumps. Either another flag or a nice big windsock like at the airport would be great to get a wind indicator before you get out there. The fact that you can't see the main lake until you come out of one of the gaps is always a bit of crossing your fingers that you are not going to get a rough ride.
  3. Gobbler

    Fishing this weekend????

    Here is a good web page to help gauge the waves heights when you are deciding whether to go or not. Just remember to add 2 foot to the wave height they are reporting. https://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/station_page.php?station=45142
  4. How deep are you finding the perch? Any tips to finding them?
  5. I haven't seen any recent posts on the walleye bite out of SBH. Is the bite still hot out in 45 to 50 fow? I plan on giving it a try tomorrow (Tues.) Any advise?
  6. I would love to try some shallow walleye. Can you give a ball park area? What are you using in that shallow water?
  7. Does anyone fish these deep walleyes with these Shiver Minnow or Jigging Raps in this area? Seems like the should work here but don't hear about anybody using them. They sure look like they work well when Keith Kavajecz is using them on You Tube.
  8. 2012 Rockwood Premier model 122BH hard-side A-Frame camper. Loaded! Amazingly easy to pop up and down! Do a You Tube search for "Rockwood A-Frame camper 122BH" and a video will come shows everything about my exact camper only the model in the video is a 2014 $7900
  9. In case somebody out there hasn't heard...a guy shattered state record walleye this May up in the St. Lawrence River 18 lbs. 2 oz. He was using a Trigger X soft plastic paddletail. Apparently it wasn't one of those fluke catches. He was targeting walleyes and had caught a limit that morning. If you zoom in you can see Thousand Island bridge in the background Look at the belly must have been still filled with eggs.
  10. Ok thanks. I had to push it back a day. I will give it a try Tuesday.
  11. I may try it tomorrow. How deep? bottom bouncers?
  12. Gobbler

    Buffalo Harbor Walleye

    Are anybody fishing those river walleye?
  13. 1992 Skeeter 1850.... 1992 Mercury outboard 175 HP....2002 Mercury outboard 6 hp kicker...Aluminum Magic tilt trailer with new mag wheels, bow mounted 2016 Minn Kota I-Pilot 80 lb. thrust 24 volt, 2017 Lowrance HDS 9" touch screen. GPS with structure scan, 2012 Lowrance HDs5 on bow connected to I-Pilot, with GPS, Proos Electric downriggers, Cannon rod holders, new carpet and seats in 2015, new batteries 2017 (mint condition) 12,500 or best offer call or text Jody at 585-727-3907
  14. Sorry for the rookie questions but like I said in my earlier posts I'm new to Lake Erie. It sounds like I need to learn to pull bottom bouncers to have any luck catching walleyes. I've got a million questions but I will try to only ask a few at a time. Here are a few I need help with to start. What is the best rod reel combo for pulling bottom bouncers? What is the best rod length? Do I need line counters reels? Do I need boards? Can I even use boards with bottom bouncers? Where do I find the 4,5,6 oz bottom bouncers?
  15. Thanks Locoman... we will give those spots a try. Is there a better place to buy bait than the SBH bait shop? Their prices seem high.