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  1. Thanks Locoman... we will give those spots a try. Is there a better place to buy bait than the SBH bait shop? Their prices seem high.
  2. Interesting reading. Good to see the DEC using our license dollars to help improve our fishing. Like I said in my earlier post I'm new to fishing Lake Erie. I would like to take my sons out to catch some smallmouths on Father's Day. Any suggests on where to start and what to use? I will be launching at SBH
  3. I noticed the DEC boat electrically shocking fish just to the north of the entrance buoys to the SBH marina this past Friday. What species could they be looking for in that shallow? Great Forum you guys have here! I'm new to fishing Lake Erie and the information you guys are generous enough to share here will be a great help. I appreciate the fact that you are giving up hard earned information that in many cases has taken years on the water to obtain. Thanks