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So this will probably turn into another Dick's sporting goods with limited fishing and hunting gear based on the season. Guess the smaller shops will get most of my business along with FishUSA.

Gander Mountain was mostly clothes the last few years anyway.

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I imagine it's a pretty "tough spot" for Gander and others to be in........ There's just not enough hunting and fishing foot traffic to support a brick and morter H/F store. Prior to the internet, it was easier to count on locals to do some amount of business in your store, but now it's way easier to click through your order........ you can always find exactly what you want (assuming you know), it takes 5X less time to order, and it's delivered to your door........ Tough to compete with that. The only downside is you need to plan a little better to have the items when you need them. 

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They are supposed to open back up here this spring. Not sure they can make it the second time around or not. We have a very nice bait store down the street from this location that is very well stocked.

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