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  1. Try on line at Fish307 they sell cannon parts may have what you need
  2. I agree, I was saying the same thing. Why cant the town contact some of the gravel companies and see if they will do it for free. They used to suck up the gravel at the head of Strawberry Island years ago for construction, they had huge piles of gravel and sand at the foot of Hertel . Or is it a DEC thing and red tape that stops it ? But it sounds like a win, win if it got through.
  3. I cant believe that there is not a sand and gravel company out there that wont suck that stuff up for free.
  4. yup,I do it all the time hitting them is the hard part. I use a 177 cal. and it kills them, I hunt other small game with it also.
  5. I was just going through the Gowanda pennysaver and found this add Secord and Secord Ponds the add said they do pond cleaning, drainage, demolition, phone 716 537-9363. I dont know them and never had an work done by them just by luck saw the add, hope it helps
  6. Fyshon, you are right back around 3 years ago Canada and the US closed it borders and you could not enter Canadian waters with out calling and declaring in then they would give you a number to show if you got stopped, that ended when the US and Canada came to an agreement to allow crossing the border with out calling in as long as you did not make contact with shore. This is all together something different US boats can NOT enter Canadian water and Canadian boaters can not enter US waters period this is what the Canadian border patrol told us. this is all due to the corona virus.
  7. We all know the US and Canada border is closed, but what dose that do for boating, can we run our boats in Canadian water drift in Canadian water with out touching shore. it seems there is a gray area a lot of different opinions. We where on the upper Niagara river west side of Grand island ( that is 90% Canadian water ) we where running at about 30 mph and the Canadian border boat stopped us (they where very nice and very polite) they told us the border was closed and that NO U.S. boats could cross into Canadian water., running, or not. we talked for about 15 min. from how hot it was to fishing for bass and walleye, very nice guys. So the point is if your in that gray area and are not sure. this came right from them. You CAN NOT cross into there water for any reason and that go's for the lakes ERIE and Ontario. that also means almost ALL of the west river is off limits.
  8. Maybe that's the problem the walleyes are all wearing masks and cant eat.
  9. Dos anyone know if the docks are in, anyplace on the Catt yet.
  10. I fish the river all my life spent my summer as a kid on the upper river in fact my grandfather and father where fishing guides on the river. I have never seen or heard of any one catching a laker in the upper river BUT anything can happen. we would catch steel head in the spring and fall off the walls and at the head of the river but not like you would in lake Ontario. If you can get your hands on a book called Sander Fishing guide 2 it has a world of info on fishing this area of N.Y. state. it has maps and fish found in an area and spots to try for most fish. good luck hope this helps
  11. No lakers, if your lucky you might and I say might catch a brown more so in the spring and late fall, you can catch steelhead in some places in the spring and fall but not a lot, walleye fishing can be good and the bass fishing is outstanding along with some good musky fishing and pike fishing. REMEMBER most of the west river is Canadian water.
  12. there was a emerald shiner shortage long before the latest walleye explosion some years we had a good run some year not so good, I lived by the rive and grow up on the upper river , back as far as the early 60 and on it was a year to year thing. Now with that being said, I agree that the large numbers of walleye and the refugees that take dozens and dozens of 5 gallon buckets filled to the top with no water every day in the spring are hurting the shiner population. the DEC was doing a study on why the population drops, they where looking into the water flow current speed and temp, pollution plus other thing like disease but I haven't seen any reports out. I remember in the 70's when small tanker trucks would pull to the foot of Sheridan and fill the tanks up to sell other places some out of state and that would happen almost every day in the spring. there is more to it than just what we see its not just the walleye population. more funding and more studies are needed good luck with that.
  13. A friend went to Dunkirk to launch today and said there was parking for about 8 truck with trailers after the make over. if this is true where is every one parking there trucks and trailers that fishes out of there, there has to be more then 8 spots to park, I would hope.
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