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  1. AS I recall back some 40 years when I was a kid, the Miss Buffalo would do morning trips as a party fishing boat, but it didn't last very long couple of seasons,
  2. Hi Ed, and welcome. If your fishing the west end of erie before you invest in a lot of gear you might try a charter to see what you need and dont need. Capt Juls out of port clintion OH is great and fishes out of a ranger so the boat lay out well be a lot like yours. by the end of the trip you well have a real good idea of what is going on and setting lines. Ph 419 835 7347 also Lance Valentine from walleye 101 offers training charters where you use your own boat you can see his stuff on the walleye 101 web site. but this site offers a lot of good info from great fisherpeople at the right time of year. good luck fishing
  3. Slapshot, we fished the same area Got 5 lost 6 because of the cottonwood it was every place we couldn't get it off the lines to reel in.
  4. ya, they called it the perch buoy, perch fished around it a off and on over the years. we always got fish, some day where good some days not so much just like most places . You don't see a lot of people fishing around that area now. I would give it a try . Like lineman said it not far out. A red buoy not far out past the brake wall
  5. WELCOME Mark, good luck this year, should be a good one.
  6. We run three a side on erie and ontario day in day out, any thing over 5 color we run tx44 boards, in the spring when we run short cores or copper 5 colors and under we use or church walleye boards three a side. Jigstick when you run big boards and say you have a 3 color a 5 color and 8 color on one side and a fish hits the 3 color how do you reset it with out reeling in the 5 and 8 color first ?
  7. Just call 1-800 Cuomo ext. retirement fund. you will find the hole I dont say what hole.
  8. A friend sent me a text that the state boat ramp at the Catt was closed and it looked like they where building a brake wall around the docks in the creek. Any one know anything on it and how long it will be closed.
  9. Take the pinch pad release and cable tie it to your net handle, take the bottom of your net bag and clip it to the release, when you go to net a fish the net bag well stay out of the way. good use for pinch pad releases
  10. I would Call Jim Skoczylas , [ Fish Killer 16 on this sight ] he also runs Ultimate Outdoors. Jim and his guys will not only get you on fish but will teach you the how and whys to catch walleye on Erie. ph 716- 796-5372. Capt. Larry at Mostly Muskies also on this sight will do a great job for you , he not only fishes for Muskie but walleye, bass and perch. Both great guys to charter with.
  11. Ice Fishing Hut Gander Mountain Fish Trap Yukon ice fishing hut flip up style for sale. TWO MAN in excellent condition. $250 OR BEST OFFER, Call 716- 639-3733 ask for Norm or leave a massage and I will get back with you. I live in Amherst near Buffalo.
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