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  1. Ice Fishing Hut Gander Mountain Fish Trap Yukon ice fishing hut flip up style for sale. TWO MAN in excellent condition. $250 OR BEST OFFER, Call 716- 639-3733 ask for Norm or leave a massage and I will get back with you. I live in Amherst near Buffalo.
  2. Gander Outdoors

    ya Jim, instead of a lemonade stand in front of your house you were selling bait and lures.
  3. Jim, as always thanks for all the info and help you gave to all, good luck and be safe in the deer woods. see you at the show.
  4. Walleye rigger releases

    We run Chamberlains also great releases, run them for walleye and salmon we troll 2.5 to 3 s.o.g. with large flashers for salmon with no problems. then adjust them for walleye on Erie. or when there are a lot of small salmon around.
  5. Lake Erie Fall Perch

    ya i agree with mikey eyes, go to foot of ferry ask around for Mar Mar he is a little Korean looking guy. he is down there most days where the wall cuts in. he makes some great nets, cash only was like $35. I have two and most of my friends have got them from him.
  6. so many ports so little time.
  7. Lund or crestliner.

    you should also take a look at the starcraft line I have a 18 ft super fisherman real nice boat take the kids tubing and skiing then out for walleye. I don't know where you live but Bow And Stern Marine on river rd. in Tonawanda has done real good by me. one thing to keep in mind is you may need a bigger motor to get skiers up. I went from a 115hp merc 4stroke to a 150 for better hole shot. kids grow and bring friends equals more power needed to get them up skiing
  8. Lakers

    Hay stonam how has the fishing going, took some guys out on Ontario last weekend boated 20 coho and 2 year old kings out in 300 ft of water took 4 kings over 20lb nice day. we did well on lakers on Erie ran Gambler rigs in green and a large spin and glow off riggers just off the bottom at 1 to 1.5 S.O.G.. also run divers a little higher up in the water for bows and eyes. we got some nice bows there also.
  9. Lakers

    My son wanted to catch Lakers so we did a laker only trip out of Barcelona, fished 120 ft to 135 ft with gambler rigs with a spin and glows { see lake Ontario united for gambler rigs} and spoons of riggers just off bottom. we made three passes and got 6 one pushing 25lb the others were in the 15 to 20 lb range. speed was 1.0 to 1.5 S.O.G. all fish were catch and release.
  10. Canvas work

    Jim there is a lady the works out of a trailer, she go's to a lot of the dealers and do' s work for them, she is at bow and stern in North Tonawanda on Tuesdays I think. Ph. 692-2316 talk to Paul or Tim and they should be able to get you a number or when she will be around. hope this helps.
  11. Well guys, here's the new ride! Whatcha think?

    backonerie, nice setup, got to love that new boat smell, GOOD LUCK now go get it dirty
  12. Try Jim Block at the Buck stops here taxidermy Ph. 716-692-3110, his place is 7291 TownLine rd. Jim is a real nick guy and dose great work.
  13. Nice RD9, I took a young boy bass fishing on Erie years ago. He must have caught 40 bass that evening,after 20 years, I seen him at a soccer game with his young son and He said to me your the reason I bought a boat and go fishing now, Thank you so much. THEY WILL NEVER EVER FORGET THIS TIME. nice job.
  14. Getting skunked

    Nice Jim, you are the man. keep them coming. I am sending a few guys to you for copper and lead core set ups they should be calling in a few days. great job, tight lines