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  1. shinintimes

    Hello from South Dakota

    This must be white boat john from oak orchard .. i'll tell you one thing you couldn't have found 2 better guys to go with on erie or lake O we will be staying next door to Ed for 10 days in 2 weeks and hope to get Dennis out on our boat great couple guys !! Good to see your still around we talked a couple years ago at captains cove r
  2. When you get it out of storage can you send pictures to my phone ? Thanks Paul
  3. shinintimes

    Walleye trolling rods

    Hay guys I'm looking for trolling rods not to heavy and match up well with daiwa lcs don't want to spend more on rods then I paid for the reels tried buying on line and that didn't work out very well.. I would rather hold in hand but here in northeast Pa no one has trolling rods in stock any help would be appreciated !!
  4. Let us know how you do John .. Good Luck
  5. shinintimes

    Harness making

    I cant speak for everyone but my hooks are about 4 inches apart and as far as blades I have tied a bunch of double blades but since I don't have a lot of confidence In them they don't see as much time in the water as my single blades ( not saying they don't work everything has a time and place ) I have a regular program and when I start to change that fishing is slow. I fish late June to September around Barcelona and run 6 rods 4 harnesses ( a lot of gold ) and 2 rapala taildancers ( purpledecent and a custom painted wonderbread ) sorry to be so long winded but I hope this helps... Paul
  6. shinintimes

    on the marks

    I would say most of the guys on this site fish NY and my guess is you want to fish Ohio if so there are a couple sites that maybe more helpful and I think Ohio outdoors
  7. shinintimes

    Harness making

    2 and 4 from the top will fill the box !! I use that blade with brown and red beads call it the ( Get R Done ) downrigger leadcore dipsey don't matter
  8. shinintimes

    Chamberlain releases

    Very good idea !!! if we ever get this season started I will do the same thanks for the tip
  9. At the top of the page it says SOLD/CLOSED !!! Gamekilr has a set of mag 10s
  10. shinintimes


    Welcome Darren
  11. shinintimes

    Looks alive minnow beads

    Thanks John i'll do that right now ... went to Chaumont about 3 weeks a go fished Saturday and got over 200 perch between the 2 of us ran home early sunday before the snow hit
  12. I just ordered some stuff from and came across the looks alive minnow beads (had to have um) just wondering has anyone used them ? BTW that site has great prices on beads blades and hooks
  13. shinintimes

    Chamberlain releases

    A lot of guys seem to really like them I'm not crazy about twisting my line up or having the release above my ball but that's only because its new.. I'm one of them guys that's not crazy about change but if it keeps me from dragging one fish i'm sure i'll learn to love it !! Good Luck