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  1. Chamberlain releases

    Good idea lineman I'll check youtube now !! Thank you
  2. Chamberlain releases

    Sounds good thanks J
  3. Chamberlain releases

    Thanks J.. I was also wondering do you have any trouble with hook set on bigger fish I know walleye are hard mouthed I cant tell you how many walleye come undone in the net and that's with cannon releases
  4. Chamberlain releases

    Hello everyone !! I'm thinking about buying these releases I've used cannon push pads forever but now I'm fishing walleye and not salmon I'm dragging a lot of fish so my question is how do they attach to the downrigger ball and what's the easiest way to set the tension in the driveway or on the water ? Thanks Paul
  5. I'm sure there are a lot of guys that can help you on this site but you'll have to tell them your location and where you plan to fish .. Good luck
  6. Ohio ice fishing

    Try 440-387-7676 let us know if you make it over there
  7. is everybody getting ready

    Looks like another great walleye hatch this spring !!!
  8. looks like 4 to 6 feet of snow in Chaumont glad I got a 4wheeler instead of a snowmobile
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone !!!
  10. is everybody getting ready

  11. is everybody getting ready

    Merry Christmas John !! I'm ready That's a great price on a quality product frabill is good stuff
  12. Is it true that your allowed 3 per man on the Niagara ? I know on the salmon river its only 1
  13. Frank is crazy like a fox !!!!
  14. Perch Perch Fishing

    Thanks for the info Jim I'm sure I'll be fishing Chaumont but its always cool to fish a new place and I have wanted to fish I-Bay for a long time !!!
  15. Perch Perch Fishing

    Merry Christmas ... Sparrow how is the ice fishing on I-Bay I normally fish Chaumont but over all the size is small