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  1. Welcome !!
  2. Thanks hound that's a good place to start ill look up there websites
  3. Hay guys I'm looking for a back-up plan in case there is not enough ice to get on Chaumont bay !!! My buddy and I have talked about steelhead in the Niagara river for 15 years or more and since we know absolutely nothing about the river I think it wise to charter a few trips with that being said I would like any and all advise ( good and bad ) on charters places to stay best time year and is it even worth a 6 hr ride ... Thanks Paul
  4. Welcome !! I cant think of a better place for walleye info
  5. Welcome !! I'm from NE Pa and fish every weekend the forecast allows mostly out of Barcelona
  6. Good Luck John I was off last week and wanted to go for perch but the lake was angry !! took this guy the last day of vacation
  7. I have next week off if the lake ever lays down ill be out !!
  8. I hear you John I'm on a 2 year plan then I will live and work somewhere from westfield to the catt I cant take working in NYC anymore !!!! just hope I can last that long
  9. Thats fantastic the small mom and pop shops need our money !!! Better then a 16 year old trying to set you up anyway
  10. I have the crestliner 1900 phantom ss and like J.Sparrow it fits all my needs
  11. for sale

    I'd be Divorced... but wow what a boat
  12. I was just wondering why it seems to be everyone uses emeralds in the spring but not now are they hard to find this time of year ?
  13. for sale

    No longer available sorry but he has been really busy selling his house and moving
  14. for sale

    Not sure if he still has them but he lives in Darien I can call him if interested
  15. Looks Good !! Congratulations