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  1. Thats fantastic the small mom and pop shops need our money !!! Better then a 16 year old trying to set you up anyway
  2. I have the crestliner 1900 phantom ss and like J.Sparrow it fits all my needs
  3. for sale

    I'd be Divorced... but wow what a boat
  4. I was just wondering why it seems to be everyone uses emeralds in the spring but not now are they hard to find this time of year ?
  5. for sale

    No longer available sorry but he has been really busy selling his house and moving
  6. for sale

    Not sure if he still has them but he lives in Darien I can call him if interested
  7. Looks Good !! Congratulations
  8. Go on youtube and tie your own its really easy !! Nothing feels better then catching walleye on a harness you made yourself
  9. I run them 40 or 50 ft back on downriggers you can add 10 ft to the depth of the ball and be carful bringing them in they dig hard if you have a lot of pressure ( reeling them in fast ) when they break the surface they'll come at you like a shot !! Good Luck
  10. if I'm running sticks you can bet 3/4 of them are scatter rap tail dancers SCRTD-09 in purple dessent . I had a bunch custom painted because I'm not a fan of there colors gander mountain had them on sale for 7 bucks !! there my personal favorite
  11. You need a sticker that says sit down shut up and hold on... not to the windshield
  12. This is a ruff year its either east winds or 3 to 5s maybe August and September will be better !! Sent from my SM-G920P using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  13. Welcome Jeff nice mixed bag !!!
  14. Lot of good reports out of Dunkirk !! we did well out of Barcelona on Saturday fishing was so good and the lake was angry we only ran 4 rods all harnesses dipseys on a 3 setting out 120 and 135 riggers 45 and 60 anything copper worked well in 60 to 80 fow ... Good Luck !!!
  15. Fished 1 to 4:30 Got 7 lost 2 and thru 4 or 5 back lots of small fish mostly harnesses 45 to 60 down in 60 to 80 ft little East of Barcelona harbor Sent from my SM-G920P using Lake Erie United Mobile App