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  1. Seriously no replies... 20 views and nothing
  2. Anybody use berkley power bait with worm harness? Just curious. Kids and worms can get messy
  3. Fishnut, secret spoon??? Come on, really
  4. Nice. I try alot of my own too. Just thinking gold backs with purplre or pink-black face would be the ticket
  5. Thanks. I do the same. Just wondering if any1 tips them with a crawler
  6. Gold back nk28.s or slims Any1 use nk28.s or slims? Maybe tip them with crawler....
  7. Gold back nk28.s or slims Any1 run gold back nk 28.s or slims tip.d with crawlers???
  8. The guy didnt even know what RENOSKYS are in previous threads. Who.s 1 to tell or judge a fisherman on their catch or creel. Sportsman? Maybe "waverammer" should look up definition
  9. Renosky sticks are awesome....... especially crystals
  10. Ok. Gonna try for wednesday afternoon. If not thursday or friday foresure
  11. Ok. Thanks. Let me know b.4 I make the drive. Looking like wednesday afternoon
  12. Ok. Everything works??? No cracks in reels etc???
  13. 125 cash? Could pick up possibly wednesday afternoon or thursday/friday
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