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  1. Ya i.ve heard that rule of thumb before. was just trying to see what fellas use. thanks for the reminder
  2. gona buy some pencil sinkers for drifting harnesses. what ounce do you guys usually use
  3. Going to be bottom bounce.n in 20 to 60 foot of water with 8 to 10 pound test. What ounce pencil sinkers to buy???
  4. Seriously no replies... 20 views and nothing
  5. Anybody use berkley power bait with worm harness? Just curious. Kids and worms can get messy
  6. Fishnut, secret spoon??? Come on, really
  7. Nice. I try alot of my own too. Just thinking gold backs with purplre or pink-black face would be the ticket
  8. Thanks. I do the same. Just wondering if any1 tips them with a crawler
  9. Gold back nk28.s or slims Any1 use nk28.s or slims? Maybe tip them with crawler....
  10. Gold back nk28.s or slims Any1 run gold back nk 28.s or slims tip.d with crawlers???
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