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  1. Troll master for trolling motor. Used 2 months. Wife bought an auto pilot. Have two choices to operate - by electric power or remote control Works fine, no issues Complete units $ 350 Any questions contact Dave - 716-289-3109
  2. Can you share with me any contact information,so I can speak with you
  3. Hey everyone - thanks for the advice and impute! I have been still addressing the issue. as of now - still no start, new plugs, cap, rotor, wires new coil. What it comes down to - in my own world - not getting a spark to ignite the fuel! Make any sense. Any further advice
  4. Some what of an update - still no start. once in a while boat starts. but will not start right up again. Replaced the coil, replaced blown fuse leading tt ignition switch. Adjusted butterfly on the choke? And suggestions
  5. I have a question - wondering if anyone else has had this happen - or a mechanic my be able to provide some information. I have a Grady White Volvo engine - boat starts up no problem - idles 15 / 20 seconds and completely stops. Try to start again - wont start. Open the engine cover and I think I smelled the odor of gas. I appreciate any ones help - the season is just starting and I am still at the dock. Thank you for your help and information
  6. For sale - two cannon electric downriggers Recently repaired / reconditioned by Tony's Reel Repair $500.00 for both Contact Dave @ 716-289-3109 with any questions or concerns
  7. 6 Diawa 47 LC line counter reels for sale. All reels serviced by Chris's reels, new drags installed, etc... $45 each reel Better opportunity if purchase more that one reel No issues with any reels Call Dave - 716-289-3109
  8. 3960 Nottingham Terrace is her I live, off of southwestern i work during the day, stop by tonight is fine
  9. I live in Hamburg, NY. I will be home at about 6 PM. let me know if that works
  10. Perfect. $ 75 it is. I do not have my phone - left at home . but you can text me, using my I-pad or call me later for pick up
  11. For sale - two Big Jon planer reels and two super ski big boards - able to mount right to boat rails $200 Call Dave @ 716-289-3109
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