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    somewhere on smokecreeks near lake erie

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  1. yellowpike

    2018 Deer season

    passed up on a few smaller bucks in the last two weeks seen a few big boys just cant seem to get shot at them hopefully this sat
  2. yellowpike

    2018 Deer season

    awesome buck steelie that's thing a beast cong ive only been out two times havnt seen much
  3. yellowpike

    2018 Deer season

    getting out this weekend for the first time
  4. yellowpike

    Emeralds at foot of ferry

    I was in that group of boats we picked up 38 and two eyes
  5. yellowpike

    Sunset Shootout

    be there with team Crazy Eyes
  6. yellowpike

    Lost inline board

  7. yellowpike

    Well then..

    water temp is only 44 dregee its a bit cold water for walleye trolling 50 degrees is where you want it to be been there done that ill wait till things warm and clear up your just wasting your time and money if you do go out watch for the logs and debris in the water YELLOWPIKE
  8. yellowpike

    Walleye Ohio jig fishing report

    did very well fished fri afternoon we jig fished out in front of crane creek four man limit purple and green jigs sat was blowing hard in the morning didn"t get out till five oclock we trolled same area but just tad deeper 20 ft of water husky jerks did the damaged we boxed out by eigth oclock ill try to get pics up fish with Ten percent he a great trolling program set up for us we couldn't keep the rods in the water had a great weekend with new friends first pic is sat catch 2nd was fri jigging sat fish were a lot bigger than fri fish JOHN
  9. yellowpike

    Walleye Ohio jig fishing report

    headed there in the am
  10. yellowpike

    Another new guy

  11. yellowpike

    Looks alive minnow beads

    hey Paul check out this site they have some great blades http://www.warriorlures.com/FishingSpoons.aspx?t=5
  12. yellowpike

    Harness making

    I think we can work something out here a few of some of the I tie a few years ago I tie all my own now let me know what you lie
  13. yellowpike

    Harness making

    thank you lineman
  14. yellowpike

    Harness making

    I been making my own for years want to start using wire what type of wire do you guys use. Thanks John[emoji476] [emoji476] [emoji476] [emoji476] [emoji476] Sent from my VS986 using Lake Erie United Mobile App