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  1. Went with my buddy from 12-530pm today. First tried to find perch with no luck. Plenty of walleye on the fishfinder in 75-85 fow. Got one on 10 color black/silver Bayrat and lost one at the boat on 8 color orange tiger Bayrat. Weatherman forecast 1ft or less and 5mph winds. We had 3ft waves all day and 4ft at the end of the day. It was tough day for us. Everybody we spoke to at the launch when we launched and retrieved had a bad day. We did see Captian Joe Fonzi cleaning a huge pile of perch when we were leaving.
  2. I place mine on the backer right at the knot where it meets the lead core. 3oz out 50ft should add another 20ft of depth at 1.5mph.
  3. Fished west of Port in front of windmills Sat from 2:00pm till 6:45. The screen was loaded with fish the whole trip. Also saw occasional small schools of perch. Started in 70fow & went as deep as 95fow with 4 harness rods and 3 stick baits. Picked up (2) 20 inch fish on harnesses in the 1st hour then it was dead from 3-5pm. Tried all stick baits for an hour with no takers. Switched to all harnesses and started picking at them. Got (7) 20 -24 inch fish from 5:00pm till 6:45pm. 8 color and seven color were best but also got one on a ten color and a rigger at 65ft. Got (9) but it was frustrating considering the amount of fish on fishfinder. Got a freakish looking football female that apparently did not release her eggs this spring. Lake got angry at 6:30pm & went from 1-2ft to 4ft real quick which made for a slow, wet ride back to port.
  4. That was last October out of the Catt. Emerald Shiners are ALWAYS the best for Perch if you can get them. Fatheads and worms work OK if you can't get Emerald's. Salted Emerald's work well if live ones are not available.
  5. This is what schools of perch look like on my Lowrance HDS at 83kHz. 100 of them ended up in my cooler 🙂
  6. We did best @ 1.0-1.2 mph down speed on the FishHawk. GPS & top speed on FishHawk showed 2.0-2.2 mph. When we went faster the Sheepshead started biting and the Walleye stopped. I think with the warm water slower is probably better. The water on Sunday was 73.2 on the surface and 73.2 at 85ft.
  7. Sun 9/6 7:30-1:00. Boxed 15. 80-85fow a little west of the Catt. Screen was great with fish mostly stacked on bottom. 10 color, 250 copper, 7 & 8 colors with 2oz snap weights caught most fish. Tried dragging balls right on bottom and also at 50-70ft but only got 2 on downriggers. 14 on harnesses 1 on Bayrat. Natural colors on harnesses worked best.
  8. Sat 8/15, 12:30 -7:30pm skirted the Border 60-65 fow. The screen was loaded with fish all day, mostly stacked on the bottom. 78F on surface 76F at 60ft. 4 decent walleye, and several throw backs, 6 keeper perch, 10lb catfish and a lot of sheephead. Tried everything, harnesses, stickbaits, spoons and different speeds but the fish had "Lock Jaw". Must be the warm water even at 60ft. The area is loaded with fish and normally with a screen like we saw yesterday we would have boxed out quick. Hopefully all those fish will start biting when the water cools down. Harnesses on downriggers dragging bottom & 7 colors caught most fish, only 1 on a stickbait.
  9. Good Luck Dcra. Dont be discouraged if you dont have a good screen in the deeper water. We were seeing mostly random suspended fish an we picked at them with the 7 & 10 colors. Once in a while the downrigger balls would go right through stacks of fish on the bottom wit no takers. The few I got on the downriggers was when I raised them to 55ft & 65ft in 90fow. BTW there were ALOT of boats fishing today!!!
  10. Sat 8/8, 6:30am-12:30pm. Screen was Great slightly west of Catt in 60-65fow but only (1) walleye after 1 1/2 hours so we moved out to 85fow & trolled Nortwest. Picked up (11) more in 85-95fow. 7 & 10 color caught majority only a couple on downriggers. Harnesses with pink worked best. 1.8-2.0mph. Got (3) big white bass, (2) big perch, (1) 15lb lake trout, (1) small steelhead and a sheepshead. Walleye were all 20-24".
  11. The 33" fish was super skinny. Had the head of a 10lb fish but was probably about 5lbs. Looked very strange.
  12. Fished today 6:30-noon. west of the Reseach Buoy. 65-70 FOW. Landed (15) walleye 17"-25" & (1) 33". 2 big white bass, a couple perch & a couple sheepshead. 7 color lead core caught the majority. A few on downriggers near the bottom. Worm harnesses with pink in them were best Water was 78 on surface and 58 at 70ft.
  13. That is NOT the buoy I was fishing by. I will take a photo the next time I am near it. It said "Research" and had a phone number in large lettering.
  14. Thanks Whitecap1, I was getting a little concerned!!! Water was around 68ft. We had lots of fish on the screen all day. In a nornal year with a screen like we had we would have boxed out in an hour, not gotten 8 in 5 hours. It has definetly been a tougher year than I expected. The one plus has been the all fish I have caught have been really FAT and Spunky. Anybody else notice this? I got huge filets off the fish today.
  15. If the Research Buoy is in Canada, I need a Lowrance. Im pretty sure we were in the US. I had never seen it before. Big square yellow contraption covered with solar panels with weather vanes on each corner. Probably atleast 10ft square. I should have taken a photo. Anybody else seen it?
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