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  1. Got 2 keepers and 2 shorts 9-11am in 85 ft west of Catt. Then the 1-2ft waves turned to 4-5ft in 20 minutes and we quit.
  2. Fished Sturgeon Point Sun 6:30am-12:00pm. Very few boats, probably because of the east winds. Headed West 65-80ft. (4) 2-4lb, (2) 4-6lb, (2) throwbacks. 8 color picked up (4), 4,5&6 color also took fish. Downriggers near bottom & 10 color got squat. Black/Purple, Black/Pink harnesses were best. Not one garbage fish. Found a planer board floating which is now waiting to be picked up by the person who wisely wrote his name on it.
  3. Trolled 50-60ft along fence from 11:30-3:30. 4 sheephead & 1 throwback walleye. Tried stickbaits and harnesses 6,7,8 colors and downriggers on bottom. It was 3ft plus waves also. Saw very little on fishdinder.
  4. Fished Sat 5-9pm. 25-40ft by Windmills. 7 rods with Worm Harness/Stickbait mix. We were marking fish, almost all hugging bottom. 1 nice smallmouth, 1 baby walleye, 1 white bass. Dragged in a nice 20" walleye at 9pm when calling it quits. Keeper walleye was on a rainbow colored harness. Very few boats fishing.
  5. What launches are still open and when do they close for the season?
  6. Trolled Donnelly's wall Friday night 9:00pm-12:00am with stickbaits. LOTS of fish on the screen, NO takers. Lake went from 1/2 foot waves to 3 footers in 15 minutes at midnight. Only a couple of other boats out.
  7. Thanks mostlymuskies. As stated before, everyone is greatly appreciative that you share the wealth of knowledge you accumulated from all the years on the water. I love reading your post's. Whats the latest in the year you have fished with good sucess?
  8. jimski2, Whats the best way to target the fish that come back(bottom bounce, drift, etc)? Day or night?