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  1. Sunday Morning 2 man limit in 60-65 ft near Canadian Border. Downriggers 55ft & 60ft, 7 Color & 10 Color all got fish. Worm Harnesses pink, orange & purple. LOTS OF BOAT TRAFFIC!!!
  2. How fast was your troll speed? 1.2-1.4 mph on fishhawk was the best speed on sat. No bites at 1.6-1.9 mph. 3-5 colors were also working better on those suspended fish. If you have a good screen but no or limited bites, keep changing your speeds
  3. Saturday evening 5-9pm. 45-55ft. Walleye were all in 10-30ft. Screen was always loaded with fish. Worm harness bite, any color. Downriggers and 3-7 cores. 3 man limit when we quit. It was a frenzy 8-9pm. Constant triples and doubles
  4. Bottom bounced windmills @ 6am for about 1 1/2 hours. Lots of fish on the bottom in 40--45ft. Landed 2, 1 sheepshead & 1 white bass. We then went and fished inside breakwall because it was too rough to be enjoyable & saw alot on the fishfinder but no takers
  5. I agree 100%. We all share the same passion and any help we can provide to each other should be done. There are RECORD amounts of walleye in the lake, we should help each other!
  6. Trolled sunday west off Catt 6-11am, 45-60ft. Boxed 12 tossed 1 back. Spoons, harnesses and stick baits on downriggers, slidedivers & leadcore all worked. 3 BIG fish were ALL on stickbaits. Lures with purple worked best. Lots of fish on screen, mostly hugging bottom.
  7. Fished Saturday From 2:30 -6:15pm with a buddy. Other than 1 boat in close to shore we were literally the only boat on the the lake. It was actually kind of creepy. We got drizzled on for about 15 minutes at about 4:00pm but it cleared up and was beautiful till we quit. Fished in 85ft , there were constantly fish on the screen from 30ft to the bottom. We boxed out when bringing up the downriggers at 6:15pm. Most of the fish caught 50-70-ft down on harnesses and spoons that had pink on them, no bites on stick-baits. Nothing big, all fish 18-22", no throwbacks.
  8. 3 man limit 6:30-11:00am. 65ft was best depth. Fish hugging bottom. All fish 18-22" except one big boy. Purple & Pink were best colors. Got fish on harnesses, stick baits and spoons. Great Day.
  9. Sun 6:00am-11:00am We got 10 keepers & 3 throwbacks in 50-55ft. Only one +25 inch, other nine, 15-20 inches. All on variety of harnesses. No standout color. Downrigger 40-50ft and 6/7 colors. 7 color was best.
  10. Forgot to mention the bite died after 10:30am. 1 walleye between 10:30-noon. Bunch of white bass though. Best action was probably 730am-'930am.
  11. Fished Sunday 7/8 6am-noon. Straight out to 45ft and headed east. Boxed 15, (2) were 8lbs 28in. Couple of shorts thrown back and lost a couple. Best depth 42-45ft. Smelt colored harnesses were best on 6&7 cores and downriggers near bottom. Orange harness got the biggest fish on 6 core.
  12. Got 2 keepers and 2 shorts 9-11am in 85 ft west of Catt. Then the 1-2ft waves turned to 4-5ft in 20 minutes and we quit.
  13. Fished Sturgeon Point Sun 6:30am-12:00pm. Very few boats, probably because of the east winds. Headed West 65-80ft. (4) 2-4lb, (2) 4-6lb, (2) throwbacks. 8 color picked up (4), 4,5&6 color also took fish. Downriggers near bottom & 10 color got squat. Black/Purple, Black/Pink harnesses were best. Not one garbage fish. Found a planer board floating which is now waiting to be picked up by the person who wisely wrote his name on it.
  14. Trolled 50-60ft along fence from 11:30-3:30. 4 sheephead & 1 throwback walleye. Tried stickbaits and harnesses 6,7,8 colors and downriggers on bottom. It was 3ft plus waves also. Saw very little on fishdinder.
  15. Fished Sat 5-9pm. 25-40ft by Windmills. 7 rods with Worm Harness/Stickbait mix. We were marking fish, almost all hugging bottom. 1 nice smallmouth, 1 baby walleye, 1 white bass. Dragged in a nice 20" walleye at 9pm when calling it quits. Keeper walleye was on a rainbow colored harness. Very few boats fishing.
  16. Trolled Donnelly's wall Friday night 9:00pm-12:00am with stickbaits. LOTS of fish on the screen, NO takers. Lake went from 1/2 foot waves to 3 footers in 15 minutes at midnight. Only a couple of other boats out.
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