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  1. Bought some of these. Looks good, quick easy service and fast shipping. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. That whole place is a mess since the change. It sucks cause it was a closer spot to drop the boat in.
  3. Where are you located? How long ago did you buy it and did you register it? Mike
  4. Thursday they were tight to the bottom in 80-85.
  5. They are not the best built but blue chatterstick, 5" I think for the size, then it's all over the place. Spring is a orange j7 jointed rapala. Last time out was a purple bayrat followed by a blue bayrat, but shallow and the bigger one.
  6. Was out solo yesterday. Got out to 70-80 fow to start. Hit fish on the downrigger blue chatterstick in 80-85 fow down 81 ft. Had a 7 color out as well but kept getting fish on the DR so pulled it to put the other rigger in the water and kept working that depth with 2 riggers and a dipsey on 0 180' back. Got my 6 fish 17-19" all in 80-85 on plugs, blues and purple both chattersticks and bayrats. Marked fish on the bottom and was going slow 1.3-1.5 then later speed up to 1.7 on the probe/downspeed.
  7. Pretty cool. Interesting to see how the fish hold around the structure.
  8. I think the site is fine, my biggest issues are I am still having problems logging in on the app (android) and now on line (web) I am getting a spam popup. I have tried reinstalling the app a few times and it works for a short time then wants my login again then will not work.
  9. I would be fearful of my truck and trailer then as some people cannot back up to save their life. My truck was already hit once at the SBH, not too badly but front bumper was dinged pretty good, they left a not nicely enough but not the right number on the note.
  10. ncej03, same thing seems to happen to me. Whole wide open lake and they have to come right up on you. I don't mind guys coming by as I do that to see if they are on fish but I maintain a respectable distance.
  11. I think its a great site, yes sometimes the info is lacking being precisely up to date, it is what it is. I think most want some place to start without blindly going into the lake, yes there will be some who want specific info but they get what they get. I think that is also a factor that LOU has a lot of charters that post and many charters and other guys have bigger boats to get out in the bigger waves. Also Ontario guys on the west end get better weather, where most on Erie are on the east end so weather is a huge factor to get out. Just look at the info before last weekend, it was pretty slim due to the bad weather. I belong to both sites and use both, each has their own thing going. I have learned a ton since LEU started.
  12. Fishers moving across ny, just like a mountain lion going from south Dakota to Connecticut not unheard of. Things move on their own and not by man.
  13. Last time I was there on the morning of the 4th of July, when taking the boat out there was a park police women writing tickets in the parking lot. While people were doing the usual on the ramps loading boats, unloading boats and putting fish in coolers, the usual crap. My biggest complaint is the high docks make it hard to launch by yourself, so I rarely go to there anymore. The fish cleaning station at least has been working for the most part, normally in years past it was down more than it was running.
  14. Went out of the catt yesterday. Fished solo, took a bit to find the fish, but had a triple on when I did, lost one but got two nice 20" eyes, ended up with a couple 17"ers, 3 20"ers and a 16". Most fish cam on 7 color with orange and gold hatchet blade harness, a couple on a black Colorado blade harness on 5 color and one on plug. All fish were high in the water column in 70 fow.
  15. Yeah Navionics is good well worth the $10.
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