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  1. dukhnter8


    Went out of the catt yesterday. Fished solo, took a bit to find the fish, but had a triple on when I did, lost one but got two nice 20" eyes, ended up with a couple 17"ers, 3 20"ers and a 16". Most fish cam on 7 color with orange and gold hatchet blade harness, a couple on a black Colorado blade harness on 5 color and one on plug. All fish were high in the water column in 70 fow.
  2. dukhnter8

    Cellphone GPS

    Yeah Navionics is good well worth the $10.
  3. Off Dunkirk I got most with 7 and 5 color LC, 7 getting the most fish.
  4. I think it's still a bit early. I remember the limits being later in July and August. Also last year winter ended earlier this year things were a bit behind due to winter dragging on into April.
  5. dukhnter8

    Dunkirk area

    Went out of Dunkirk yesterday. Ended up with 8, mixed sizes anywhere from 16" to 28" (6-7 lb). Most came on a purple harness with hatchet blade on 7 color. Lost a nice laker, first fish of the day and due to my crappy netting job, caught the lure in the net. Looked like a nice fish, weren't too disappointed as we were going to throw it back anyway. Made up for it on the next few fish, my buddy got a PB 6 then a bit later got a 7 lber 28". Couple nice eaters in the 16-21" range also. Bigger fish seemed skinny and heads looked huge. Most fish had empty stomachs, one of the bigger ones had a white perch/white bass half digested but otherwise not much in any stomachs.
  6. Gotcha, then the other people were dicks. Sucks but more and more people are like that. I have been towed in once and have had people ask if I was ok when messing with the motor and had the cover off. But never been able to pay it forward on the lake. Last winter I did pull two snowmobiles out of the ditch as I was coming home from ice fishing.
  7. Did they call out to other people? Just wondering if others thought the were just anchored? Maybe being dark out they couldn't tell. Not saying someone out there shouldn't have helped. It's a zoo out there at times and hard to tell someone might be in trouble. Sent from my SM-G930V using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  8. Thanks mr.mo55. I'm guessing its a slow troll with the speed they are saying 1.1-1.2 mph. You might be able to get a drift if the winds are right.
  9. What weight bottom bouncers are you guys using generally? I need to buy some more but not sure of the size.
  10. dukhnter8

    Lost inline board

    First time I ever used mine I lost one at night on Oneida, got the walleye. I didn't have it set right, user error and when the fish hit the board popped off. It was dark so I looked a bit but couldn't find it. I put a post on myfishfinder and someone found one that they sent to me. After that I put my name and number on them and make sure they are set up correctly.
  11. Was out yesterday, bumpy to start so didn't drive around as much as I should have. Turned out to be a nice day later. Ended up taking 9 home, most 10" but one 14". Didn't mark any big schools and was getting a fish here and there. Water temp was 50-51 degrees, I was in 45-60 ft of water. Some came on the mud hook but most came on the upper hook on a fly with shiner. A few other boats out but didn't seem like they were doing much better. Went out of sturgeon.
  12. dukhnter8

    Sturgeon point

    What do guys use in place of salted emerald shiners or live emeralds? Looking for soft plastic type stuff for perch. I searched for awhile but couldn't find the original thread or which one it was in.
  13. dukhnter8

    Precision trolling app

    I have been kicking it around as well. I used to have the app and bought a few plugs on my old phone. For me I generally have leadcore, downriggers or dipsies that I know roughly the depth they are running. I think if I were longlining plugs more it would be worth it. I haven't really been hurting for fish without it.
  14. did you get them on harnesses or plugs?