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Perch Looking for perch

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The last time the lake was fishable for me was Oct. 8. That stinks.  I remember getting out a couple times a week a few years back in the fall.  The perch were in 55' straight off the Cat but who knows now.  Miller must be a real lonely guy the past week. No bait sales for a while for him. 

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21 hours ago, jimski2 said:

Boxed out with three guys, perch. 54 to 58 foot of water, mud bottom. Goldens and salted emeralds did the trick. 

Good going jimski.  Where did you launch from?

Yesterday I fished out of the Catt,  I struggled to get 15. A couple of the boats I talked  with were boxed out and said you needed emeralds.  I only had small goldies. 

I'm traveling from  Batavia  area,  where can i get some  emeralds  along the way

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Rig your pole with a half ounce or3/8 oz sinker, 20# braid and 3 snelled #4 or #6 Eagle Claw hooks from Wal Mart. Tie the hooks direct to the braid line. They are more sensitive to light bites or perch just mouthing the minnows. Swivel snaps, spreaders and other contraptions with heavy sinkers are not sensitive to many perch bites. Set the hooks 4 inches to up to 4 foot above the sinker. Most important is to use only one rod, you catch more perch with one rod since you are not wasting minnows with rods you watch and rebaiting them. Holding your rod is more productive since watching a rod for bites results in missing too many perch bites. Three or more guys in the boat with a lot of bait under the boat hold more traveling schools there.


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Fished  Wednesday  again out of the Catt.  Picked  up goldies and salted minnows from Miller's, and headed straight  out to 53 fow.  No real good sign of fish or bait on the FF..... But saw a couple of boats landing  perch.  Gave it a try and landed a couple of decent perch right away...... The bite was very lite, they were slowly  sucking in the minnows. The only time the bite was better was when the wind  picked up for about a half  hour out of the north otherwise very flat..  Ended up with only 27 between  the 2 of us


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