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  1. It really depends on ur leader too. I use 50 ft on all leadcore rods just to be consistent and I normally figure about 12-15 ft with a flicker minnow 9 deep diver plus my lead depth
  2. Thechad

    sold / closed 2004 tracker targa 16sc

    Not at all. It is in perf shape on the bottom. I don’t want to sell it but I’m moving out of state.
  3. Thechad

    sold / closed 2004 tracker targa 16sc

    Really nice deep v 16.5 ft boat for sale. Double live well. Minnkota trolling motor with co pilot installed. 90 ho mercury that starts up every time. Boat flies on the water and handles big waves like a champ. I fish Lake Erie out of Dunkirk and Catt creek regularly with it and have never had an issue. Comes with Lowrance fish finder/ depth finder. Rod holders too. Obviously with trailer also. Boat also has blue led lights all over the boat for night fishing. everything In great shape. Also comes with all the fishing stuff u will need for the right price. 4 cabelas depth master trolling rods and reels. Half a dozen dipseys. And all my tackle. Which is probably 50 crankbaits for trolling. From renoskys to flicker minnows to bay rats to reef runners. Everything u need to be on the water and fishing today. Life jackets and anchor also. Will try to do pictures soon. Call or text 7162291806 $7500.00 thanks, chad
  4. I use 12 lb Sufix 838. Idk why but I really like it and fits on my smaller reels just fine. Seems to dive a bit deeper than reg lc but typically only run sticks on it. Leave the harnesses for the dipseys
  5. Not a bad day today. Got one fish early and not much going on. Was marking fish all over the water column so I decided to move the rods in to 2 colors and fished sticks and harnesses at about 15-25 ft down. And boxed out in about 20 min. Caught my solo limit quickly after moving up. Not too bad but it did get a little rough out there for the ride back. Tight lines!!
  6. I fished west of u today and got one fish in abut 2 hrs early in the morning. Then I decided what the heck I will bring the rods in on these marks at 15-25 ft and boxed out in 20 min. Fished 2-3 colors and they were killing it. They liked Inside the mud line. Got a little squirrelly out there in the afternoon. Really sucked driving back against the wind. Good luck and have fun!
  7. 10 color lead... u had to be dragging bottom unless U were using some really light lead
  8. didn’t end up going today. Sister in law is 39 weeks and thought she was in labor so I got daddy duty with the boys. Looking forward to the reports. Seems like a great day to be on the water
  9. I will be heading out tomorrow for a little bit trying to find a few eyes. I’m gunna try a little west from the catt in 45-55. Pulling 4-5 colors lead and dragging harnesses on the bottom. Will post how it goes tomorrow!
  10. Fished just west of Catt. Managed 3 fish as soon as I got out there in 55 ft about 730. Fishes til 1030 and marked a ton but only one other bite that didn’t hang on. 2 on sticks one on harness. Talked to the guy at the ramp he said not a lot of big catches the last few days. Hopefully after this coming weeks warm up it’ll be on!
  11. Does everyone troll right behind the boat with a gas motor or do u need electric when fish are 15-25 ft deep
  12. I didn’t get a bite tried deep and shallow. Marked a bunch but nothing doing for us. Tried sticks and harness also! Go figure no wind no walleye!
  13. I heard it was ok once u found a pod of fish. But quite a bit of moving required
  14. Can we start a thread with water temp and ice reports right here for Chautauqua lake. North and south basin preferred. Any info appreciated. Thanks!!
  15. So is everyone done for the year with the open water bite? Some of the inland lakes are still doing ok.. Chautauqua or bear but I may be done for the year if I don’t hear of anything great coming from the big lake. Any reports are greatly appreciated. Thanks guys and tight lines!
  16. Pequod looks like wed might work for the Erie soldiers. Idk if there is a point to search for eyes or if I should ust go for perch now. I guess we will have to see. Looking forward to any reports next week.
  17. Ya u gotta try going 2-2.5 and leadcore and dipsys. Gotta use crankbaits this year for sure. Also do research on what kind of leadcore to use ( every brand dives differently.) I use sufix 832 and I love it and it dives about 7-8 fpc depending on speed and u can find videos on dipsy setups and what sticks guys like more than others. I can’t even tell u how many videos I watched and articles I looked up. It takes just as much time on the computer researching different stuff and making sure u have the right gear and know where ur bait is. Always willing to help out a fellow angler! Hopefully we get a couple more flat days so u can try it out again.
  18. Those eyes.... there are a lot of variables to account for. Today my screen was some of the best all year with fish from 65- tight to the bottom. Straight out of the Catt was awesome today. I used purple crankbaits on leadcore on two outside rods and a dipsy with a purple worm harness on my 3rd pole. I was only able to put the third pole out once bc the bite was so hot. Idk what to tell ya other than there is definitely fish out there from 65-85 ft all over. The hard part is figuring out how to get down there to them. I guess u gotta figure out what works. Try crankbaits though. Also I hate tipping stuff bc it really effects the motion of the lure or spoon. Maybe that’s just me.
  19. Today was the best bite all year for me. A little bumpy getting out but not bad once ur out there. Gotta troll with the waves. 15 fish in 45 min. One 8 pounder and the rest were 18-22 perfect eaters. Loving purple. Great morning now off to work.
  20. Great day today. Took mom out fishing this am. Fished 80-90 ft just west of Catt. Most fish were at 60-70. Pretty easy 2 man limit in 2 1/2 hrs. Finished the morning on a triple. A little bumpy but I’ll take it for October. Should be good tomorrow too. About 15 boats out there. And a few trying for perch. Fish still loving anything purple! Have fun guys!
  21. Lots of reports. Plenty of fish on the bottom and a few reports of fish suspended. Fish are def still there. Hopefully last nights cold snap doesn’t change anything but the lake temp is 65 and the fish are everywhere. If it were me I would pick up minnows to try to find the perch after the limit of walleye. That’s how it’s been^
  22. Yet to see that guy ^^ post anything remotely useful!
  23. I was thinking of Thursday also. Maybe I will check the forecast out in the morning and make sure it’s gunna Be decent out there.
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