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I can jump in here and help. Up until the perch seemed to disappear about 6 years ago, ice fishing was pretty good on I bay. With the numbers and size of fish J Sparrow and I have caught in I bay this fall, I would say they are back and if we get ice it should be good. The one thing I do not know is if the perch will follow their traditional pattern and head to the area south of the 104 bridge. It is pretty hard to access the area north of the bridge where we have been boat fishing  because the ice never really sets up there that well. You can park at the area known as the rod and gun club along the road on the southwest side with everyone else and head out. Be very careful though. There is a gas hole that used to form about 30-50 yds. straight out of the area where we parked and a few more scattered around out there. If you are careful, and we have a hard winter you should be ok. The fish in I bay were really nice size in the past. I have caught a lot of 14" perch ice fishing there. A few days before J.Sparrow fished ,I landed a 15 1/2" perch, and had kept a lot in the 10-12" class.

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I have seen some great catches from Sodus lately. A lot better than the 6+ years of dink fest we have had in all the Ontario bays. I believe the high water and lack of boats has helped along with an upswing in the survival cycle. Give us some ice, and it will be like the old days.

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