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Dunkirk 2021

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First walleye trip out of Dunkirk this season.  We worked 52-67 FOW off of Van Buren point.  5-color leadcore, 7-color leadcore, wire dipseys 80-100’ back on #2 setting, and downriggers at 40-50’ down all produced.  1.7-2.1 speed, 61-64* @50’ depth.  Steady pick all day, fished 530-2.  10 fish on sticks, 8 fish on harnesses, and 2 fish on spoons.  Size range was 18-24”. Great day on the water.BE15BB59-A47E-433D-B157-0F5B64D2C1C1.thumb.jpeg.db23e6f7afa9434ff230e1708bec72d2.jpeg89BD0442-0F18-42BF-ADD2-C9E94A0BA702.thumb.jpeg.6bb9366c67f5a626c6221deeae63e534.jpeg

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Fished Friday afternoon 7/23 and Saturday morning 7/24.  Caught 7 on Friday and only 3 on Saturday.  However, we did get 2 fish over 29 inches.  Worm harnesses did most of the catching. Not many went out of the harbor this morning.

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