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  1. Nice fish, only 1 under 20". We fished west in 60 to 70 FOW. Down 40 to 45.
  2. Fished Friday afternoon 7/23 and Saturday morning 7/24. Caught 7 on Friday and only 3 on Saturday. However, we did get 2 fish over 29 inches. Worm harnesses did most of the catching. Not many went out of the harbor this morning.
  3. A bit slow but light winds let us fish 3 days in a row. Kept 5 Thursday, 7 Friday and 2 today. Wished we could have done better. Lots of blank screens. Variety of baits took fish. Blue chrome was best.
  4. Been a couple years since we had good ice on Owasco. I like perch fishing there, but love trolling for Erie walleyes.
  5. Headed out for the next 3 days starting tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully the forecasted winds will stay light to moderate. Will report back when we return home. Hopefully the bite will be decent.
  6. Sorry for the late post, but took a while to get back to the site. Fished 7/8 evening, only 2 keepers at dusk. Both on harnesses. Fished 7/9 morning, kept 7 with two 25". Lost fish 2 as well. 40 to 55 FOW west was best. 6 came on harnesses. 10 AM to 11 AM was best. Fished 7/10 morning - 2 boats, kept 15. 60 to 65 FOW west was best. All on spoons and lipped cranks. Not great fishing but not bad. Screen was pretty full at times, but could not get them to go. Not many guys out. Will be back on 7/30. Good luck to those headed out.
  7. I had hoped to get out one last time this week, but circumstances wouldn't allow it. A bit jealous of you guys, but glad you got out. Can't wait until next year.
  8. We had a guided trip Sunday with 2 boats. Limited out both boats 8 guys. Went out today with our boat and 3 of us limited again. Pretty good fishing. Stickbaits, harnesses and spoons all caught fish. Great fishing!
  9. Headed to Dunkirk this weekend. Saturday looks to be too windy. Hopefully Sunday and Monday will be calmer and the fish will cooperate.
  10. With a 14ft Lund you are going to have to pick your days. Erie kicks up quickly and even a moderate breeze is a concern. Fishing is available right in front of the harbor and your travel distance is less than a mile. It may be a good idea to hire one of the guides for a four hour trip. Good luck.
  11. Out of Dunkirk on 6/22. Kept 5
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