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I was there yesterday and dredging was going on. They already took out a new mountain of sand.

You could have driven a boat thru the new opening easily, but no sign about when opening day is.

They had 2 trucks running full time when I was there.





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Won't get anywhere by asking launch attendant about the launch rate.You need to go to a Town of Evans Board Meeting next Wednesday at 6 pm and ask Supervisor Mary Hosler!

  I called yesterday,(6/9)  $15 to launch, $10 for seniors & vets.  I asked if they were going to drop the price to normal rates & got no reply & a hang up on the phone. Guess I hit a nerve.

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You could troll there easy cause they are calling for West winds Saturday and Sunday.  I've done it many times and the waves will be pushing you all the way. Return trip will probably suck because you will be driving into the waves all the way back. Depends how your boat likes waves on the bow. You won't be doing 30 going back. Also no boats will be allowed inside the break wall at Buffalo, so you will have to anchor up in the lake or drift with the waves. NOAA lake report is not calling for flat lake. If it was I would be trolling next to you.

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