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Lead Core Preference

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We use 27 lb traditional leadcore. I've used Suffix, Cabelas, Mason,and Cortland. Can't say anything bad about any of them. Probably don't need 27 lb for eyes but same rods&reels are used for L. Ontario. Have friends using the Micro LC and there pretty happy. Supposedly it runs 30% deeper. I'm kinda invested in the 27 traditional so I'm sticking with it cause it catches tons of fish for us.We use 30lb power pro as backer. About 25ft of P-Line floro line is the leader.Also the terminal end of leader has a #1 duo snap. five feet above the snap is a 35lb spro power swival that prevents line twist. P-Line is 20lb. We pretty much run all stick baits.

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I don't fish for Walleye to get a good fight. Just for the good eating. If I want a fight, I go for Salmon on Ontario. Leadcore has done better for me than dipsey and divers. I use 27 lb leadcore on the same rods I use for Salmon.

Lead core for 15/21 inch walleyes




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