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Looking for a new lab pup


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Will do my brother in law has a female black lab, when our dog Cookie, the girls named him and Lexie, get together it's all play time, Lexie gets so mad cause she can't catch Cookie as he is lightning fast, most times Cookie gets the best of Lexie but not always. I'll ask my brother in law he might know someone with pups. You want papers with the dog, I know that was important to him, also with me. Hopefully something turns up soon for you. Pap.

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Just sort of trying to have a good feeling about a breeder from someone who has investigated them more recently than I have. The last dog (Lab) I got from a breeder was two Labs ago. The one we just lost was a friend of mine that was breeding his yellow just one time, so I had an idea of what I was getting into. She turned out to be a gem.

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Sid, Justin and I lost our dogs not to long ago so we have an idea of what your going through, like Justin mentioned it's hard but be patient, my brother in law is a over the road trucker for Roadway  he is home today and I'll see him over the holiday. I'll get back to ya!!  PAP

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