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  1. Saturday morning...started getting the boat ready tonight! Can't wait Sent from my VS986 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. Thanks, justtracytrolling. Sent from my VS986 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  3. Just sort of trying to have a good feeling about a breeder from someone who has investigated them more recently than I have. The last dog (Lab) I got from a breeder was two Labs ago. The one we just lost was a friend of mine that was breeding his yellow just one time, so I had an idea of what I was getting into. She turned out to be a gem.
  4. Yes, I'd like it to have papers (some idea of the hips/eyes genetics) but it doesn't have to have any field champ lines or anything like that. Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks PAP, Keep your ears open for me.
  6. Just put down our old girl. Sad. But it's time to fill the empty void. Can anyone recommend a breeder? Looking for a little girl, black lab.
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