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  1. Casting action tails on jigheads has become one of the hottest techniques out there in walleye fishing. I've been using different plastics off and on trying to find something easier and more consistent than casting sticks. I love the art of stickbaits, but it's difficut to teach and on bright clear nights sticks don't work nearly as well. Until the last few years I couldn't find a swimbait that I could fish slow enough to really produce. The Keitech swing impact swimbait has changed night casting for me. The swing impact can be fished on a 1/16 ounce tungsten jighead so slow you can almost pause it, or on heavier jigs you can get the same presentation in deeper water. Most swimbaits require a heavier jig to keep them upright, and just can't be fished slow enough. I don't jig these swimbaits and simply slow roll them parallel to the structure I'm fishing. Last year I used these swimbaits nearly exclusively over sticks on my charters. This year because I can't do any charters I've put in some serious hours with a couple of the best stick fisherman I know and the swimbait in the hands of a 9 year old was more effective. My go-to color at night is the sight flash, and I've had success with the 4" swing impact up to the 5.8" fat. Here is a couple pics of the huge 5.8" on a 1/2 ounce j will jig with a 5/0 hook. Every single fish just chokes these baits. The bread and butter in shallow is the 4.5" on 1/8 tungsten jighead with a 3/0 hook. If you have any questions feel free to pm me and I have an affiliate code to share if anyone wants to try em!
  2. The closer you get the clip weights to the lure the more the lure will move up and down in the water column as your speed changes so it really depends on how much column you want to cover. There are charters that I've heard run clip weights less than 10 feet from the lure. Where I'm at the fish tend to be in a small band of the column so I put my clips in front of the lead core and fine tune the depth with the amount of backer I let out. Justin Okrepki NYSDEC licensed guide #7324 otiscolakeguideservice.com (607)-349-1750
  3. The campground launch is extremely low and though Im not a fan of the other marina its probably the play Justin Okrepki NYSDEC licensed guide #7324 otiscolakeguideservice.com (607)-349-1750
  4. The night bite on shore is turning on now that temps are falling. I had a good offshore bite Wednesday but this morning only action was fish relating to structure...at night I had action both off shore and on
  5. I'm still having some very good mornings working 20 to 25 feet down with deep divers off inlines...the up and down weather has shut them down a day or two, but overall I've done fine most days. There are fish starting to show up on structure and last Monday from 9 to noon the 5 we got all came off west side structure. I target the fish on bait if possible as I can run a big spread and the off shore fish are bigger. I'm fairly certain the night bite on shore will be on for the full moon and I've actually started trying my favorite fall night casting spots. The bite isn't as easy as it was for over a month, but Im still on em. Monday and Tuesday are my days off this week so I'll have a better idea by Thursday...
  6. I'm gonna make it out there someday but probably not when the bite here is so predictable...hard to leave a solid bite with a 5lb average literally in my front yard to drive across the state and get blown off! I'm buried with trips right now even if I wanted to go...thanks for the offer though!!
  7. Nice work guys! Sounds like it's heating up...
  8. Truer words have never been spoken captain Larry!
  9. Finally had a day off to put up some pics on my website... Otiscolakeguideservice.com
  10. Fishing continues to be very good. We are consistently catching 3-7 fish a morning with a 5 lb average.
  11. I've done the 3 way thing too, but boy you can get a mess! I've had either great results or no results this year off riggers...if I could ever get my riggers to be as consistent as my boards I'd be onto something! I think I might try the rigger popping trick some...I've had that work but havent done it other than to routinely check for dragging small fish and keeping weeds off downlines
  12. Active fish will often be way out of temp...
  13. X3 for feeding fish...after the morning bite quits I will pick up speed as fast as 3.0 for a reaction bite...obviously you have to pick lures that work well fast to do this
  14. Otisco certainly is no Erie...but the walleye are fat
  15. My number is 607 349 1750 Otiscolakeguideservice..com The guide your buddy (joe?) fished with was most likely me...
  16. I run a probe too and find fishing below 60 degrees to be a waste of time as mentioned above. 65-67 degree water is a good starting point.
  17. Just thought I'd give you guys a heads up that summer troll bite has turned on here on Otisco if anyone is looking for some obese walleye and some new water! I hosted a multispecies event last weekend and 42 walleye were boated across 6 boats with about a 5lb average. Feel free to contact me for info...
  18. If you put a short piece of downrigger cable between your probe/release and rigger weight you can bounce it on bottom and keep your baits up what ever distance you desire. I use lighter cable for this so if I hang it up I can get everything back but the weight.
  19. Paul those eyes dont come easy! Been fishing tigers for a week and doing well, but now it's back to the eyes tonight...
  20. That isnt a bait ive heard of...looked it up and now i know ive never seen one before either. Looks like a reaction bite bait to me tho...
  21. Ive got 1 more day to work and Im basically off till after the opener. Now I can get the last phase of my boat projects done, Tracy's new patio, and our place at the lake opened. When will I be on the water...no idea but as soon as possible! Paul, Id go in a heartbeat if my boat was done....no playing for me till my boat is in the water. I snuck out yesterday for a brown trout and got a quick fix...wish trout tasted like walleye!
  22. Excellent topic! Most of the walleye trips I guide are casting at night. This is the strategy i use in stickbait selection. As I work an area I start with stealth presentations and become more aggressive working the column top to bottom. As a pattern develops I zero in. The rattle is a key factor along with water displacement for me. On the stealth end I use original floating rapalas. F13s and F18s have no rattle and move very little water. You can barely feel the wobble even on braid. This is my subtle presentation. Next would be the Bomber long a. The bomber has 2 small bbs and produces a moderate rattle and moderate wobble. The Yozuri crystal minnow is a more aggresive stick. It has a single, larger bb producing less of a rattle and more of a knock. In addition the crystal minnow is curved which produces more wobble and louder knocking. As I move down in the column the husky jerk is my subtle choice. It has very little action on its own and doesnt produce much of a rattle on its own. The Reef runner stick has a lot of wobble and thus more rattle. My most aggressive choice is the Rapala Clackin Minnow. Its a slow sink with a square bill that creates a lot of side to side action. The rattle is a single larger bb in a steel cylinder that produces a loud knocking. For trolling I use deep divers mostly and classify them by the speeds which they can be trolled. Reef runners are my top choice for slow as they really wobble even at the slowest of trolls. Next would be lure that work well at normal speeds...2 to 2.5. Lots of choices here...I like flicker minnows and flicker shads. They are cheap and effective. For reaction bites and searching I use Taildancers, deep taildancers, and a few saltwater bomber and rapalas as these troll as fast as you wanna try...i use them up 5 for tiger musky and 4 on eyes. Another trick on aggressive versus subtle in trolling is setback distance. Im not talking distance from the boat for not spooking fish i mean where in the depth curve you fish the lure. In other words a lure has a tighter action with less line out. Steep dive curve equals aggressive action....shallow curve like leadcore produces a subtle action. Same goes off the riggers...run deep divers on short leads of riggers for a reaction bite....run a floating stick bait 100 plus feet back off the ball for subtlety. If fishing is good lots of techniques work...when you struggle a more aggressive/subtle approach is often necessary.
  23. Old man, I have an upgrade just for you....magnum bomber blue prism! Its a plenty heavy so you can throw it on heavy tackle...should be perfect for night topwater tigers! BTW the inappropriate individual from last year has left the campground.... Sent from my LGLS996 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
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