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Using Dipsy Divers

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Hello all hoping to get some input. This is our first official year getting started and have never used dispy divers before now. Few questions

How long of a leader?

Do yours get tangled in the line when reeling them in?

Because they pull so much how will you know if there is a fish on?




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I would highly recommend going out on a charter that runs divers. I started out with 2 days on the same charter before I went on my own. it was the best money I ever spent on fishing. I didnt know anything about running dipsies. but after the 2 days I was able to run 3 per side with a tangle here and there. by the end of the 1st day we was running things with the help of the charter caption. he set the divers on the 2nd day then we did the rest.

1 I use a 6' to 7' 20# fluro leader.

2 if I get a fish on an outside rod I move to the middle of the boat and wait while keeping the line tight until the fish comes over the inside lines then start reeling it in.

3 if you get a fish that don't release the diver the rod should be back farther than normal. if the fish trips the diver it will either be pulled back more or less than normal. but sometimes its really hard to tell. if a small white perch gets on the only way you can tell is by watching the ends of the rods for small jerks on the rod tip. its a lot of work but unless you use the lite bite slide diver which has a lure tension adjustment on them you should check for small fish or missing worms on harnesses often. you'll learn how often to check them.

I could go on all day about using divers but its not practical. one thing I will say is the dreamweaver deeper diver is much better than the dipsy and is the same as the dipsy with the ring on but it doesn't use a ring. the dipsy rings are a pain because they keep coming off. I use the lite bite slide diver now which has rings but they don't come off. I also use it like a dipsy and don't use the slide part. but I would never give up the lite bite feature. it has 2 adjustments 1 for the rod and 1 for the lure tension. I set it very loose so it trips on most very small fish.

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If your getting tangles of the leader on your main line, it's because your letting the dipsey out too fast. I let mine out by turning on the reel clicker and backing off on drag until it clicks it self out to the depth you want. Start setting up you 2nd dipsey rod while the first one is slowly clicking it's way out.  Leader length as long as you can get them until you can't reach the fish with your net anymore. Defiantly fluorocarbon leader. Dipseys work just fine without the ring, but you need to let out more line to get to same depth. The rings are a pain, some guys just super glue them on. I do like the ringless ones better but I'm still using both versions. Dipseys work best on steel line. Next best is super braid. I also have run them on mono, but it is hard to trip them on mono when you want to check you line or you get a small junk fish. I watch rod tip as much as possible for the tell tale wiggle of a silver bass or perch who just love to steal the back half of you night crawler. Dipseys towing a spin doctor and fly are very effective on Ontario.

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