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worm harness leader

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Good stuff, Wishinfishin.  I have been using Seaguar's Red Label fluorocarbon for the past couple years.  I especially like the little wear I have been seeing around the clevises.  I aim to try out Blood Run when I finish off my current spools of the Seaguar.

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Ive used the flouro 8lb test for fishing perch and walleye , jigging,trolling, and also the 30,50lb test for lady o trolling

I personally like it better than red label, in the  8lb.which ive used quite a bit of. The 30 and 50 lb have worked well ,and have not had break offs at the knot or week spots.  This is all leader material im refering to.

The metered braid backing I just started using late last year so jury is still out. But has worked well for turning 

short copper into longer copper, on in-line boards and knowing how much line youve let out past the copper.

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Just keep in mind that you need to use plastic blade clevis if you tie your harness with fluorocarbon or mono harness material. The metal clevis, if used,  will eventually saw thru or weaken the harness and it will always break on the fish of a life time.  I switched to wire years ago and  use crimps on the end to make the loop. Wire will work with any blade clevis but still use the plastic quick change version for a quick blade  color change when I'm getting out fished by my buds.

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