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  1. yankmyline

    How many of you paint/make your own

    I've been tying up jigs for steelhead and browns over the winter
  2. yankmyline

    Chamberlain releases

    I set mine up using a scale. Set the releases between [email protected] pounds and work from there.
  3. yankmyline

    2018 WNY Sport and Travel Expo March 8-11

    Where is the Expo being held?
  4. yankmyline

    How many of you paint/make your own

    Nobody's painting any lures this winter?
  5. yankmyline

    harness storage

    I use the noodles for mine also.
  6. yankmyline


    Small red stickbaits work at times.
  7. yankmyline

    Downrigger weights

    That was a good buy!
  8. Looks like the boating season is winding down.
  9. Are there any charts for dive depth with these rings?
  10. yankmyline

    Lake Erie Fall Perch

    Do the perch in silver lake have grubs during the summer?
  11. Looks like a big warmup later this week!
  12. Any hot color for the dipseys?
  13. yankmyline

    Western Basin

    what depth or water temp?