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  1. Got back to the ramp and n oticed that I had an issue, put together a DIY video on bunk board replacement should this happen to you
  2. Hit the shores of lake erie, found quality fish in very shallow, very clear water, spinnerbaits and ned rigs were the baits of choice
  3. Ran into a huge school of bass in a power plant warm water discharge, what a day !!
  4. Hit the Erie tributary of Portage river, did a challenge video, used the first rod n reel combo my dad bought me 50yrs ago, caught some largies in my old stomping grounds
  5. Put together a great day on largemouth bass, crankbaitin Lake Erie
  6. Put together a pretty good day bass fishing Erie https://youtu.be/bGhIjgrWiZ4
  7. Hey bass guys, put together a video on how to make your own weedless swing weights, hope its helpful https://youtu.be/bnjvvhh-Ryk
  8. I was hiitin the areas near Monroe michigan
  9. Put together a pretty good day fishing for Lake Erie Largemouth
  10. My wife and I found a batch of walleyes while fishing for large and smallmouth bass, got our limit, fillets in the freezer, thought some may enjoy the video
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