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A number of manufacturers make a “leadcore” specific rod- Shimano, Okuma, etc - good choices.  Also “planer board” models will  work.  Pretty much a personal choice for length and action.  To me same rod that handles 27lb will work with 18lb.  Rods are like pickup trucks-everybody has a favorite.

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Have to agree about the truck comment. But we all know deep down Fords are the tops... :emoticon-0103-cool:. Just make sure the rods you choose have some good backbone. All mine are MH and H for my 9 and 10. I run with in ine boards with 27# lead, and they have some pull. And we "POP" them to release board if the fish didn' trip them and without a stiff pole it would be very hard to get the board to release. My 2 cents

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