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Puking Dog

Sturgeon Point May 3, 2018

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Went to Marina today to check on dredging progress.

No dredge barge on the premises. 

There is a track hoe in parking lot and fresh sand on the beach side by the ramps. 

I assume the sand came from cleaning out the ramps because the machine couldn't reach harbor opening or docks.

No access from shore to any of the docks. They are all still in the parking lot.

No humans about. No empty trailers in lot. Harbor entrance still blocked by sand bar right to the surface.

Lots or birds and cormorant's eating minnows in harbor on shallow side of sand bar 

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Yeah thanks for saving me a trip as well, was going to head down after work. Seems they don't really have any pep in their step to get things done. Guess our priorities are different then the powers at be. The closest launch to home is the last to open.

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