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  1. Seen a pair of homemade ones yesterday at the sunset walleye shoot out, they looked like yours
  2. Are they still available?And where are you located in Canada?
  3. Sorry to hear that, I have 3 diawa lc 47's that have lead core on them and 2 rods
  4. lvo

    Sturgeon Point 2018

    Went out yesterday around 5:30 or so,basically went straight out set up in 50 fow, boxed 11,lost a few,5,7 lc, and down riggers. It was hot and heavy right away then shut off around 10:30 Great day except for a couple rude,ignorant boats launching
  5. Do they come with rubber end caps and the pics don't show any adjustments
  6. Nice job! I gotta admit I'm jealous ,can't get out till Saturday, was thinking of giving Barcelona a try
  7. Don't feel bad, we got to sp at 5:00 am,launched the boat and headed out and something didn't feel right,it seemed like there was more room on the boat than normal. Turned out my son assumed I brought the tackle box and I thought he did! Turned around and went home
  8. Thanks for the tip,I'll give that a try,always things to learn
  9. Went out yesterday morning by windmills, 3 in cooler, lost a few,did awesome with silver bass and sheephead! Started out with worm harnesses, then switched to sticks, 5,7 lead and dipseys, did better Friday with the same program
  10. Fished near the windmills yesterday morning between 40 to 50 fow,9 in the cooler, 3 throw backs , a few bass and sheephead , 2 were over 8lbs
  11. lvo

    Wind direction

    Started out with worm harnesses, then we switched up to cranks
  12. lvo

    Sunset walleye shoot out

    Glad to hear that!
  13. lvo

    Wind direction

    Not today we didn't, bottom bouncing in front of the windmills got 3 keepers and that was it
  14. lvo

    Sunset walleye shoot out

    The parking situation at the catt has gotta be total mayhem for the tournament
  15. lvo

    Sunset walleye shoot out

    To you as well,