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  1. Rest in peace Dean Dale. (Dmd113). Your love of life was massive as was your heart. Sent from my SM-T580 using Lake Erie United Mobile App
  2. Same baits? Sticks, snap weights & short cores?
  3. Word is king salmon bite is picking up at the "bar"
  4. Sticks are the norm, but some try other methods
  5. Kwik fish & Hot n Tots off boards take fish. We break them out on days are normal sticks are slow to produce.
  6. It's easy to use & you will increase your catch.
  7. Welcome to LEU. They're plenty of people willing to help out fellow members with lots of information on here.
  8. Water levels Does water levels effect fishing other than water clarity?
  9. Fished Ohio charters & they ran sticks on boards exclusively.
  10. They all have there place & time. They all catch fish. Sticks cover more water & catch active fish.
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